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Established in April 1991

The idea for the “Center for Global Partnership (CGP)” originated with the late Shintaro Abe, former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan. Mr. Abe first proposed the creation of CGP in June 1990 while visiting the United States as a special envoy of the Japanese Government. The concept was welcomed by the leaders of both countries. The operation of CGP is financed entirely with the interest from a special 50 billion yen endowment created within the Japan Foundation. The year 2006 marks the 15th anniversary of CGP.


1990 June Japanese Special Envoy Shintaro Abe announces the idea of establishing CGP
December Preparatory office established for CGP’s operations
1991 February Symposium on Challenges and Opportunities for a New Era of US-Japan Exchange held in Tokyo
March Symposium on Initiatives for Improving US-Japan Communications
April CGP formally established, Minoru Kusuda becomes the first Executive Director
May CGP’s New York Office opens. First Advisory Committee meeting
1992 May Seminar on Okinawa Reversion: Its Long-Term Significance in US-Japan Relations, Past and Future
1993 September Symposium on The End of the Century: The Future in the Past
1995 January Nagayo Homma becomes Executive Director
July Abe Fellowship Conference on US-Japan Relations held on the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II
1996 November Yoshihiko Wakumoto becomes Executive Director
2000   2000 Survey project on education about the United States at the secondary school level in Japan begins
2001 November CGP’s 10th Anniversary Symposium Contemplating the Future of the Japan-US Relationship
2002 January Hideya Taida becomes Executive Director
2003 March CGP Grantee Publications published
October Japan Foundation becomes Independent Administrative Institution
November Roundtable Redefining Japan and the US-Japan Alliance held in Japan
2004 March Symposium Redefining Japan and the US-Japan Alliance held in the United States
April US-Japan 150th Anniversary Symposium US-Japan Relations: Past and Future
May Division names are changed (from First Project Operation Division to Intellectual Exchange Division and from Second Project Operation Division to Grassroots Exchange Division)
2005 July 1st Symposium with Abe Fellows and Mansfield Fellows “Non-traditional Security”
2006 March Symposium “Soft Power and Public Diplomacy” at Boston
2007 January US-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange (CULCON) began to be operated at CGP.
April Sadaaki Numata becomes Executive Director.
2009 April Intellectual Exchange Division and Grassroots Exchange Division are integrated.


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