Center for Global Partnership, the Japan Foundation, is a grant-making organization founded in 1991 to promote mutual understanding between the United States and Japan on contemporary social issues.
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US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange Program

"US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange ProgramE co-organized by Center for Global Partnership, the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE) and the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL), enhances understanding of US-Japan relations through bilateral exchanges of young leaders of each country to the politics and policy-making process of the other country.

Delegations from each country consist of local officials, assistants to Diet members, and policy staff from the governing and opposition parties. And they visit each other and have two-week study programs involving exchanges of opinions with young leaders in political, business and NGO communities.
  • 2003
  • Japanese Delegation
    ·Shusaku Inoue
     City Councilor, Kita-Kyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
    ·Ichiro Kato
     Professional Staff Member, Party Organization Bureau (LDP)
    ·Taizoh Matsubara
     Assistant to the Honorable Takashi Kosugi, former Member of the House of Representatives (LDP)
    ·Motoshi Morii
     Assembly Member, Aichi Prefecture, Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)
    ·Muneaki Murai
     Professional Staff Member, Youth Division, Party Organization Committee (DPJ)
    ·Masaki Takano
     Assistant to the Honorable Shingo Nishimura, Member of the House of Representatives, Liberal Party
    ·Hisayuki Takeda
     Reporter, Political News Division, Komei Shimbun, New Komeito Party
    ·Miki Wajima
     Assembly Member, Yamagata Prefecture (DPJ)

    US Delegations
    ·Claudia Alvarez
     Councilwoman, City of Santa Ana (Democrat)
    ·Merika Coleman
     Representative, State of Alabama (Democrat)
    ·Ferdinand "Trey" Frank Fischer
     Representative, State of Texas (Democrat)
    ·Stephanie Olsen
     Representative, State of Minnesota (Republican)
    ·Dan Schooff
     Representative, State of Wisconsin (Democrat)
    ·Geoffrey Smith
     Representative, State of Ohio (Republican)
    ·Peter Su
     Congressional Liaison, International Affairs, US Department of Treasury (Republican)
    ·Doug Turner
     President, DW Turner Public Relations (Republican)

  • 2004
  • Japanese Delegation
    ·Masaki Ito
      Member, Katsushika Ward Assembly, Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)
    ·Naoki Kazama
     Legislative Assistant to Akihisa Nagashima, Member of the House of Representatives, DPJ
    ·Rina Ohishi
     Vice Representative, Federation of Gifu Prefecture, DPJ
    ·Masayoshi Taniguchi
     Deputy Manager, Party Policy Research Council, New Komeito Party
    ·Yuka Uchida
     Deputy Manager, Policy Research Committee, DPJ
    ·Hiroyuki Yamamoto
     Professional Staff Member, Party Organization Bureau, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
    ·Mariko Yamamoto
     Member, Okayama Prefectural Assembly, LDP
  • 2005
  • Adjournment
  • 2006
  • Japanese Delegation
    ·Akiko Enomoto
     Staff Researcher, Policy Research Committee (DPJ)
    ·Tatsuo Igarashi
     Member, Tsukuba City Assembly (DPJ)
    ·Chikako Ikeda
     Staff, Election Bureau, LDP Headquarters
    ·Mitsuyoshi Mizoguchi
     Acting Assistant Chief, Integrated Center Secretariat, New Komeito Headquarters
    ·Hideaki Ochiai
     Acting Assistant Chief, Shikoku Branch Office, The Komei Shimbun (Party organ paper)
    ·Takaaki Wani
     Staff, Diet Affairs Committee, LDP Headquarters
  • 2007
  • US Delegations
    ·The Hon. Joseph Bartlett
     Member, Maryland House of Delegates (Republican)
    ·Mr. Josh Brown
     Senior Director, Business Development, Corrections Corporation of America, TN (Republican)
    ·Mr. Justin Rhee
     Special Assistant to the Director, Office of Adjudication and Compliance, USDA, Washington, DC (Republican)
    ·The Hon. David A. Adams
     Treasurer, County of Richland, South Carolina (Democrat)
    ·Ms. Jennifer Alvarez
     Director of Legislative & Political Affairs, National Association of Letter Carriers, Washington, DC (Democrat)
    ·The Hon. Jennifer M. Seelig
     Member, Utah House of Representatives (Democrat)
    ·The Hon. Melinda Katz (ESCORT)
     Member, New York City Council (Democrat)

    Japanese Delegation
    ·Yamato Aoyama
     Member, Ibaraki Prefectural Assembly (DPJ)
    ·Hiroki Iwamatsu
     Staff, Party Organization Headquarters (LDP)
    ·Rika Kitagawa
     Leader, Correspondent of Komei Press (New Komeito’s party organ paper)
    ·Junko Kiyono
     Manager, Policy Research Committee, DPJ Headquarters
    ·Masayoshi Kuboya
     Assistant to Tsurunen Marutei, Member of the House of Councillors (DPJ)
    ·Yasuhiro Masujima
     Leader, Information System Bureau, Information System Department, New Komeito
    ·Shingo Miyabara
     Assistant to Kenji Kosaka, Member of the House of Representatives (LDP)
    ·Keiko Ogawa
     Member, Nerima City Assembly (LDP)

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