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Annual Report 2003

Annual Report 2003
The Japan Foundation Annual Report 2003 has been issued.
It introduces the Japan Foundation's global cultural exchange activities of Fiscal Year 2003.

A total of 119 pages PDF (PDF/5,943KB)

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[ Contents ]

A Message from the President PDF (PDF/27KB)
Activities for Fiscal 2003
Outline of Programs by Region PDF (PDF/2,362KB)
East Asia PDF (PDF/1,306KB)
Southeast Asia PDF (PDF/899KB)
South Asia PDF (PDF/888KB)
Oceania PDF (PDF/1,073KB)
North America PDF (PDF/1,008KB)
Central and South America PDF (PDF/1,117KB)
Western Europe PDF (PDF/898KB)
Eastern Europe PDF (PDF/909KB)
Middle East and North Africa PDF (PDF/821KB)
Africa PDF (PDF/489KB)
Outline of Programs by Type PDF (PDF/2,048KB)
Dispatch of Human Resources PDF (PDF/576KB)
Invitations to Japan PDF (PDF/568KB)
Japanese-Language Overseas
Projects at headquarters
The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa
The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai
Japanese Studies Overseas PDF (PDF/507KB)
Visual Arts Exchange PDF (PDF/489B)
Performing Arts Exchange PDF (PDF/513KB)
Publication Exchange PDF (PDF/515KB)
Audio-Visual Exchange PDF (PDF/511KB)
The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) PDF (PDF/521KB)
The Japan Foundation Asia Center Projects PDF (PDF/699KB)
The Special Programs for Japan-Middle East Exchange PDF (PDF/442KB)
The Special Programs for Japan-Europe Cultural Exchange PDF (PDF/415KB)
Awarding International Exchange Activities
The Japan Foundation Awards and The Japan Foundation Special Prize
The Japan Foundation Prizes for the Promotion of Community-based Cultural Exchange
International Exchange Conferences, Surveys and Researches, Promotion of International Exchange Activities in Japan PDF (PDF/513KB)
Kyoto Office PDF (PDF/495KB)
Organizations and Finances for Fiscal 2003 PDF (PDF/481KB)
History, Objectives, Main Operations, Organization of the Japan Foundation (As of the End of FY2003), Advisory Councils, etc. (As of the End of FY2003)
Budget for FY2003, Settlement of Accounts for FY2003, Financial Cooperation from the Private Sector
Appendixes PDF (PDF/2,238KB)
Top 20 Countries to which the Japan Foundation has Achieved Programs
(5 Years)
Changes in Percentage of Achievement per Area from FY1972 to FY2003 PDF (PDF/1,378KB)
Changes in Percentage of Achievement per Field from FY1972 to FY2003 PDF (PDF/1,220KB)
History of the Past Ten Years PDF (PDF/424KB)
Contact Addresses (As of the End of October 2004) PDF (PDF/437KB)

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