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A Cultural Bridge between Japan and the World

About the Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation was established in October 1972 as a special legal entity supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the objective of promoting international cultural exchange through a comprehensive range of programs in all regions of the world. In October 2003, it was reorganized as an independent administrative institution.

With a global network consisting of the Tokyo headquarters, the Kyoto Office, two Japanese-language institutes(the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa, and the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute,Kansai), and 22 overseas offices in 21 countries, the Japan Foundation operates programs in partnership with other organizations in and outside Japan, with a focus on three major fields: arts and cultural exchange, Japanese-language education overseas, and Japanese studies and intellectual exchange.

Based on a government endowment of 78 billion yen, the activities of the Japan Foundation are financed by annual government subsidies, investment revenue, and donations from the private sector. The number of executives and regular employees is 230 as of October 1, 2013.

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A Cultural Bridge between Japan and the World