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3 Fields of Cultural Exchanges

Dialogue[Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange]
Promoting Japanese Studies Overseas

In order to consolidate the foundation of Japanese studies in each country/region and nurture Japanese studies specialists, we select core Japanese studies institutions and provide a range of support such as grant for international conference, staff expansion, library acquisition, study tour to Japan. We also work to facilitate further development of Japanese studies by strengthening the international networks among the scholars of various countries and regions.

Japanese Studies Fellowships

We provide fellowships to overseas scholars engaged in Japan-related research to conduct projects in Japan. Approximately 5,000 scholars have been invited to carry out research in Japan, and have produced outstanding results and building networks with experts in Japan. In fiscal 2015, 119 people from 39 countries/regions were granted fellowships, and together with the 61 fellows in fiscal 2014.

An example of a fellow who achieved significant results in fiscal 2015

Amy Catalinac (New Zealand)
As a fellow in fiscal 2008, Ms. Catalinac carried out research for 12 months at the University of Tokyo into how foreign diplomacy and defense policies are dealt with during election campaigns in Japan, and received a doctorate from Harvard University. An expanded version of her doctoral thesis, Electoral Reform and National Security in Japan: From Pork to Foreign Policy, was published by Cambridge University Press in January 2016, and a summary of her thesis also appeared in the authoritative academic journal The Journal of Politics.

Photo of [Amy Catalinac]
Amy Catalinac

The 30th anniversary of the Beijing Center for Japanese Studies

The Beijing Center for Japanese Studies, China's only graduate school specializing in Japanese studies, marked its 30th anniversary in 2015, which was celebrated by some 200 people at the commemorative ceremony and symposium. The center currently has 2 bases: 1 in the Beijing Foreign Studies University and 1 in Peking University. The Japan Foundation dispatches professors, invites postgraduate students to Japan, and provides funding to help cover costs.

Wang Yong, a member of the first cohort of master's degree program, awarded a Japan Foundation Award

Wang Yong, professor and director of the Center for Japan Studies of Zhejiang Gongshang University, and a member of the first cohort of the Beijing Center for Japanese Studies' master's degree program, received a Japan Foundation Award in fiscal 2015, for his long time contribution to Sino Japanese cultural exchange. The 638 graduates with master's degrees and 46 with doctorate degrees from the center now lead the field of Japanese studies throughout China.

Group photo taken at [A group photo at the international symposium "Possibilities]
A group photo at the international symposium "Possibilities for Japanese Studies in Asia" (October 24 - 25, 2015) held to mark the 30th anniversary of the Beijing Center for Japanese Studies

Supporting the University of Dhaka's Japan Study Center

In 2014, Japan and Bangladesh issued a joint statement to appreciate the research activities of the University of Dhaka's Japan Study Center, and to express intention to further strengthen the center's research activities. In fiscal 2015, we began providing support to the center by inviting the center's director to Japan to discuss future support with relevant people and donating books and dispatching a visiting professor to the center.

Image picture of [The University of Dhaka's Japan Study Center]
The University of Dhaka's Japan Study Center