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Japanese Studies

To deepen the understanding of Japan in other countries and to maintain good relations between Japan and other countries, aid is granted through fellowships for research in Japan and through diverse grant programs for Japanese studies organizations.
To promote networking on an international level, surveys are carried out on overseas researchers and organizations of Japanese studies and a website focused on Japanese Studies is operated.

For the purpose of promoting Japanese studies overseas, this program provides support to preeminent foreign scholars in Japanese studies to give them an opportunity to conduct research in Japan.

In a number of countries, the japan Foundation has supported research institutions that play a central role in Japanese studies.

The various projects in this category are designed to develop human resources and strengthen the base for Japanese studies in each respective country.

The Japan Foundation conducts surveys of the overall status of overseas Japanese studies to discern current trends, formulate medium- to long-term policies, and develop appropriate support for promoting Japanese studies in each country and region.


The Japan Foundation occasionally holds fellows' seminars, symposiums and lecture meetings.


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