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Japanese-Language Education Overseas

Japanese-Language Education Overseas

The Japan Foundation responds extensively to overseas demands for Japanese-language education in ways such as dispatching specialists to overseas Japanese educational organizations and training local Japanese-language teachers.



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The Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa


The Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

Recommended Contents

Erin's Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese.
The WEB version of "Erin" has been used by a large number of people interested in Japanese language and culture.
Survey of Overseas Organizations Involved in Japanese Language Education
The Japan Foundation conducts surveys every few years of overseas organizations that offer Japanese language courses.
Marugoto: Japanese language and culture
The official Japanese coursebooks of the Japan Foundation "Marugoto : Japanese language and culture Starter A1" Katsudoo and Rikai have been released.
Japanese in Anime & Manga
An e-learning site offering a fun way to learn Japanese expressions in anime & manga.

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