Group Tour for Professionals in Town Planning and Community Design from EU Countries: Program

*The above-mentioned papers are published in
"Journal on Public Affairs (Kokyokenkyu), Vol. 2 No.1 June 2005".

10:00 Opening
10:05 Presentation of the concept of the Chiba University COE Program
10:15 Introduction and short report of the itinerary for this program
10:30 Session Ⅰ (Three-way discussion)
“Citizens and Border-Free Regions, Nations, and Information”

How and in which fields do we look for our cultural identity as citizens? In the dynamic changes in the world, such as diversification of regional policies in the EU, the overheating of global competition, and the realization of a border-free information community, the definitions of “region” and “nation” are becoming more and more ambiguous. From the viewpoint of citizens who share the “milieu” of the comprehensive cultural environment of the community, we will think about the meaning of the ecological and cultural identity of a milieu in the context of “globalization” of the EU region. We will also consider how we can spontaneously generate the vigor and value of community as citizens who live together and share wealth and life values within the community.
13:30 Session Ⅱ (3 case studies followed by comments.)
“Citizens and Facilitators Regenerate the Community”

How can citizens regenerate the community by the wealth and life values shared by each member? What is the role of community facilitators who are active in the field of citizens’ participation, for example, the rediscovery and creative inheritance of culture and society, the installation of local trading systems as an exchange of domestic and local services, and the creation of the “place” or “forum” for encounters among citizens to share their cultural vitality and creativity, etc,. In this Session, we will have 3 case studies of “facilitators” of community revitalization.
15:45 Session Ⅲ (Free Discussion coordinated by Hidefumi Kurasaka.)
“Voluntary System to Sustain the Vigor of Life and Wealth - Sustainability and Local Community Services”

In this Session, based on the presentations and discussion in Sessions Ⅰ & Ⅱ, we will focus on the “sustainability of the spontaneous revitalization of the community,” that is, the wealth and life values sustained by “public” individuals. We will also talk about the initiative to be taken by “public” individuals who are key persons for the sustainable development of culture, wealth, and life values. Through this free discussion, we will try to find some suggestions for future generations who are conscious of the necessary “publicness” of citizenship in order to open up new horizons of a society of sustainable wealth in which people can continue to generate and regenerate the vigor of life.
18:00 Closing of the Program

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