Imitations of The Koran by The Ilkhom Theatre from Uzbekistan

Photo of Imitations of The Koran by The Ilkhom Theatre from Uzbekistan

Ilkhom Theatre, described as The Theatre of Dissent in the pre-perestroika time of the Soviet Union, is making its debut performance in Japan. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the theatre has attracted international attention as a driving force among the theatrical circles in Central Asia.

In this production, Imitations of The Koran, the director Mark Weil asks about "tolerance in our time," by working on the long poem of the same title by Aleksandr Pushkin. Pushkin composed the poem inspired by the Koran, and the piece was reevaluated in the course of various movements after the break-up of the Soviet Union.

The production was completed in February 2002, after two years of careful preparation, at the final stage of which the horror of 9/11 took place, and, since then, it has been performed in many countries. The staging with video art and performance of rock-flavored traditional music creates a powerful impression on the audience.

Nagano (Performance)

Date: Saturday, March 3 14:00 Performance
Sunday, March 4 14:00 Performance
*Post performance Talk will be followed.
Venue: Matsumoto Performing Arts Centr
Price: 3,000yen (Reservation is required.)
Co-Organized: Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre


Date: Thursday, March 8 19:00 Performance
Friday, March 9 19:00 Performance
*Post performance Talk will be followed.
Saturday, March 10 14:30 Performance
16:30-18:00 Symposium
(Admission is free but booking is required)
Sunday, March 11 14:30 Live Concert of the music played in the performance.
Venue: Park Tower Hall in Shinjuku Access
  • Ticket for performance
    4,000yen; 2,000yen for students with ID
  • Ticket for concert
    3,000yen; 2,000yen for students with ID
  • Set ticket for performance and concert (available at TIF and Place)
    5,000yen; 3,000yen for students with ID
Ticket Box:
  • Ticket Pia tel.0570-02-9999 (P-code: 374-125)
  • Place Tel.03-5468-8113
  • TIF
Produced in
association with:
Arts Network Japan (NPO-ANJ)

Cast / Staff

Mark Weil (Direction)
Artyom Kim (Narrative music composition)
Ravshan Namazov (Narrative song compositon)
Dmitry Korobkin (Video Art)
Olimjon Beknazarov (Choreography)
Taras Volikov (Costume design)
Vasiliy Yurev (Set design)


(Ms.) Kawano. Performing Arts Div., Japan Foundation
tel. +81-5369-6063l

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