“Manga Realities: Exploring the Art of Japanese Comics Today”: Works and Exhibits

Works and Exhibits (In alphabetical order)

Asano Inio, Solanin(Shogakukan, 2005-2006)
Installation including landscape photographs by the author as well as images from Solanin edited into a video presentation.
Artwork by Asano Inio

Anno Moyoco, Sugar Sugar Rune(Kodansha, 2003-2007)
Spatial installation using three-dimensional collages as well as exhibition of prints.
Artwork by Anno Moyoco

Igarashi Daisuke, Children of the Sea(Shogakukan, 2006-)
Installation depicting the manga's undersea world as well as an exhibition of original drawings.
Artwork by Igarashi Daisuke

Kyo Machiko, Sennen Gaho(Ohta Publishing Company, 2008-)
Original drawings exhibited within a spatial installation depicting the world of sen-nen-gahou.
Artwork by Kyo Machiko

Kuramochi Fusako, Five Minutes from the Station(Shueisha, 2007-2010)
Labyrinth-like, three-dimensional presentation of the work's complicated time and spatial structure.
Artwork by Kuramochi Fusako

Ninomiya Tomoko, Nodame Cantabile(Kodansha, 2001-2010)
Exhibition of original drafts and color illustrations as well as the classical music that features in the work.
Artwork by Ninomiya Tomoko

Sakuishi Harold, BECK(Kodansha, 1999-2008)
Scenes from the manga in which BECK performs are shown, without sound, in a space made to look like a live rock venue.
Artwork by Sakuishi Harold

Matsumoto Taiyo, Number Five(Shogakukan, 2000-2005)
Exhibition of original drawings as well as an installation using large illustrations.
Artwork by Matsumoto Taiyo

Wakaki Tamiki, The World God Only Knows(Shogakukan, 2008-)
Installation exploring the author's concerns that feed into his depiction of the manga's world and characters.
Artwork by Wakaki Tamiki

Manga Exhibition Guide

To deepen viewers' understanding and enjoyment of the exhibition, professional manga artist Tanida Tomohiko will create a manga guide to accompany the exhibition. Three female high school students, who have stumbled into a world of manga, explain the characteristics of each manga and the worlds it depicts. Tanida's manga guide will be available to borrow within the exhibition and it will also be on sale at the museum shop.

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