Exhibition: The Group 1965: We are Boys! (Dusseldorf): Works on Display

Works on Display

1. Makoto Aida

Installation image of MONUMENT FOR NOTHING III 2009 by Makoto Aida
Particle board, inkjet print, acrylic, wood bolt 750 - 1500 cm
Installation view: "TWIST and SHOUT: Contemporary Art from Japan" Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand, 2009
Cooperation: Osamu Matsuda, Arata Yokoyama Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery

2. Sumishisa Arima

Cover art for CD by Sumihisa Arima
Solo CD “A Study in helix” 2005

3. Parco Kinoshita

Installation image of Uncatchable Tigers by Parco Kinoshita
Uncatchable Tigers 2003
Styrofoam, Japanese paper, acrylic, canvas
Canvas: 147 × 300 cm, tigers: 30 × 100 cm (set of 4)

4. Hiroyuki Matsukage

Installation image of ECHO by Hiroyuki Matsukage
ECHO 2002
Mixed media installation Dimensions variable
Sound & Interactive system design: Sumihisa Arima
Installation view: “Singapore Biennale: BELIEF”, Tanglin camp, Singapore, 2006

5. Oscar Oiwa

Photo of artwork titled Kita-Senju by Oscar Oiwa
Kita-Senju 2010
Oil on canvas 227 × 444 cm

6. Tsuyoshi Ozawa

Installation image of Museum of Soy Sauce Art, Avignon by Tsuyoshi Ozawa
Museum of Soy Sauce Art, Avignon 2000
Mixed media Dimensions variable Collection Lambert en Avignon, France
Installation view: “How Latitudes Become Forms - Art in a Global Age,” Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 2003
Photo courtesy: Walker Art Center

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