Works on Display: The Group 1965: We are Boys! (Ukraine)

Works on Display

1. Makoto Aida

Installation image of MONUMENT FOR NOTHING III 2009 by Makoto Aida
Particle board, inkjet print, acrylic, wood bolt750 × 1500 cm
Installation view: "TWIST and SHOUT: Contemporary Art from Japan" Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand, 2009
Cooperation: Osamu Matsuda, Arata YokoyamaCourtesy: Mizuma Art Gallery

2. Sumishisa Arima

Cover art for CD by Sumihisa Arima
A Study in helix_f-2 (duration varied, 2005/2011)
Electroacoustic music
Courtesy: Artist

3. Parco Kinoshita

Installation image of Uncatchable Tigers  by Parco Kinoshita
A Tiger that you can never catch 2003
Styrofoam, Japanese paper, acrylic, canvas
Canvas: 147 × 300 cm, tigers: 30 × 100 cm (set of 4)
Courtesy: Artist

4. Hiroyuki Matsukage

Installation image of ECHO by Hiroyuki Matsukage
ECHO 2002
Mixed media installation Dimensions variable Sound & Interactive system
design: Sumihisa Arima Installation view: "Singapore Biennale: BELIEF", Tanglin camp, Singapore, 2006
Courtesy: Mizuma Art Gallery

5. Oscar Oiwa

Photo of artwork titled Kita-Senju by Oscar Oiwa
Kita-Senju 2010
Oil on canvas 227 × 444 cm
Courtesy: Artist

6. Tsuyoshi Ozawa

Installation image of Nasubi Gallery by Showa 40 nenkai
Nasubi Gallery by Showa 40 nenkai 1994
milk box, mix media
Courtesy: Ota Fine Arts

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