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Yutaka Oyama: Tsugaru Shamisen
Photo of Yutaka Oyama He was born in the head of the Oyama-ryu souke in Tokyo. He is the Oyama-ryu souke the third. He has a vast experience performing in Japan and overseas such as in Russia, Ghana, Morocco, France, Greece, Madagascar, Uganda, Qatar, Singapore, Ukraine, Lithuania, China and US. He is a two-time the winner of the highly regarded Tsugaru Shamisen Contest in Japan. He put together the band, "Soothe" in 2003 which creates his own sound and style not like traditional. He has appeared in various field ; concerts, TV, Commercials, Movies, music for the games and so on.

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Masahiro Nitta: Tsugaru Shamisen
Photo of Masahiro Nitta He was born in the head of the Kogen-ryu (Nitta-ryu) in Hokkaido. He has won prizes starting in Middle school and High School for all division of Japan Tsugaru Shamisen Contest. He is a two-time winner of the prize at the Tsugaru Shamisen Contest in Japan in 2000 and 2001. Also he is the winner of the all Japan Tsugaru Shamisen Contest in 2002. He has a rich experience of performing in Japan and overseas such as in US, EU, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, Laos and Russia.

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Hiromu Motonaga: Shakuhachi

Photo of Hiromu Motonaga Born in 1974 in the Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan, Motonaga Hiromu spent his childhood abroad, but was fascinated by Japanese culture. He studied Kinko-ryu under Ohashi Reisei and Sugawara Kuniyoshi and after graduating from Sophia University Foreign Language Department and the NHK Academy for Traditional Japanese Music, started his activities as a musician. Based in Tokyo, Motonaga performed at several international festivals such as the Expo Zaragoza 2008 in Spain as an invited performer. He is the Operating Manager of Pro Musica Nipponia, orchestra of Japanese traditional instruments.

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Shuichi Hidano: Taiko Drummer, Producer and Composer
(Participating in Performances in Trinidad and Tobago and Dominican Republic)

Photo of Shuichi Hidano Shuichi Hidano has performed more than 2,200 times around the world. In 1998 and 2002, he performed to his largest audience, an attendance of more than 50,000, at the ceremonies of the FIFA Soccer World Cup in both France and Japan. In May 2008, he produced a collaboration performance for the presentation ceremony for The First Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize. It was greeted with applause by His Majesty the Emperor of Japan and the Prime Minister. Recently, he participated in Stevie Wonder's concert tour in Japan and Korea in 2010. Taiko is a traditional Japanese drum, but the drumming presented by Hidano cannot be categorized because it has no musical borders.

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Getao Takahashi: Base
(Participating in Performances in Trinidad and Tobago and Dominican Republic)

Photo of Getao Takahashi Getao Takahashi made his major debut with "John Yamazaki & School Band" (Columbia) in 1976. Since then, Takahashi has joined the session and recording of many leading artists such as Masayoshi Takanaka, Naoya Matsuoka, Orquesta Del Sol and so on. Takahashi participated in Montreux Jazz Festival in collaboration with Naoya Matsuoka, and has joined many prestigious concerts in NY, the Central and South Americas, and Europe as well. Takahashi formed "PINK BONGO" and "THE LOW RIDERS" in 2001, and "CRYSTAL JAZZ LATINO" in 2006. He has also joined several artists" albums as an arranger.

Shinta: Wadaiko (Japanese Drum)

Photo of Shinta: Wadaiko Shinta started playing Taiko drums at the age of 10 in Hokkaido Japan. From the age of 18, he spent 3 years actively playing as a member of world-renowned Taiko group "KODO". Since he started his solo career in 2006, he has produced a number of musical events, appearing on TV, radio and featured in newspapers. At the same time, he joined the Taiko drumming group "TAIKO Masters" produced by Shuichi Hidano. Shinta has an established reputation as a composer and a Taiko drumming teacher. His Taiko compositions and arrangements are drawn on and influenced by music from Africa, Brazil and Asia, consequently this is developing into a unique 'World Music' style.

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  • Yasunori Kajino: Sound engineer
  • Kei Takahashi: Recording director
  • Masaji Kinoshita: Producer

Special Guest for Outdoor Live Performance in San José (November 5)

Son de Tikizia: Salsa Band

Son de Tikizia is Costa Rica's leading music troupe led by Walter Flores and Alfredo Poveda, which has been highly acclaimed for their excellent live performance. They have devoted to rescuing the type of salsa music that was once played at the end of the 70's and the beginning of the 80's and producing new salsa music sound. Son de Tikizia has performed in some of the most distinctive and finest venues such as Cadiz España 2011, AZ Salsa Festival 2011 en Arizona, USA and Puerto Rico Salsa Congress 2010. They also have made appearances with Jimmy Bosch, Ruben Blades, Cheo Feliciano and the Philharmonic Orchestra from Costa Rica. Their dedicated activity has been highly praised by the media as well.

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Photo of Son de Tikizia

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