Martial Arts Master, Yoshinori Kono U.S.A: Introducing the Japanese Martial Arts of Pre-Edo Period in 4 Cities

Martial Arts Master, Yoshinori Kono The Japan Foundation will proudly present
lectures, demonstrations and workshops by the Japanese martial arts master, Yoshinori Kono in the four major cities in the U.S., spanning from May 22 to June 1.
The lectures will introduce "Bujutsu", the veiled Japanese martial arts of the pre-Edo period with live demonstrations. The martial arts during the period are not well known in Japan as well as the U.S. In the lectures, different types of "Jutsu" (a method or skill-set particular to whatever form of self-defense) will be described and discussed, including "Ken-jutsu (sword), Jo-jutsu (long staff), Tai-jutsu (empty hand), Ju-jutsu (soft or gentle)and Shuriken-jutsu (throwing star). Kono will also explore the possibilities of collaboration between the martial arts and other sports, music performance and nursing care. In addition, the master of techniques of the body, Harunori Kono will attend all the scheduled programs, and conduct demonstrations and workshops together with Kono.

Lectures, Demonstrations and Workshops
May 23 (Wed.), 24 (Thu.)
Venue: High schools in Houston, International Martial Arts Karate Houston
May 25 (Fri.)
Venue: School of Dance Music
May 26 (Sat.)
Venue: Frazier International History Museum
May 28 (Mon.), 29 (Tue.)
Venue: University of Minnesota


Yoshinori Kono

Japanese martial arts master. Born in Tokyo in 1949. Kono launched Shouseikan Dojo in 1978, and has been dedicated in martial arts studies with his unique style. His research activity was aired on the serial TV program series of NHK Educational TV in 2003. Kono had been a visiting professor at Kobe College for three years since 2007. Kono actively holds lectures and workshops to introduce Bujutsu across Japan. He published a number of books related to Bujutsu.

Harunori Kono

Master of techniques of the body. After graduating from a high school, Kono has accompanied his father, Yohinori Kono to lectures and workshops inside and outside Japan as an assistant instructor of Bujutsu. Kono produces effective methods of body control by himself or in cooperation with his father.

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