Under Construction: New Dimensions of Asian Art

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UNDER The Japan Foundation 30th Anniversary underconstruction
New Dimensions of
Asian Art

ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year 2003/The Japan Foundation 30th Anniversary
Under Construction: New Dimensions of Asian Art

December 7, 2002 (Saturday)—March 2, 2003 (Sunday)
The Japan Foundation Forum / Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (2 venues)

A new campaign for the ongoing "Under Construction" exhibition! (Jan 8.2003 Update)

Come and see the "Under Construction: New Dimensions of Asian Art" exhibition during the "Chinese New Year" campaign, and you can get 50% discount on your admission ticket!
You can also get 50% discount if you show your used boarding pass of the flight you took to one of the seven participating countries in the exhibition.

This winter, the Japan Foundation Asia Center and the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery will present a vibrant group of works by young artists from Asian countries in the exhibition, "Under Construction: New Dimensions of Asian Art."
The "Under Construction" exhibition is a new type of collaborative project initiated in Asia, which involves 8 young curators in their twenties and thirties from 7 Asian countries (China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand). The project has invited them to engage in field researches and discussions to produce one integrated exhibition as the result of their collaborative effort.

The curators are working together in two phases: local exhibitions and collective exhibition. The local exhibitions were carried out during the fiscal year 2001.During this phase, the participating curators each hosted an exhibition in their local cities to present their individual views of contemporary art in Asian countries, including their own, based on their survey of the region.The second part, the collective exhibition, will be held this winter in Tokyo. This exhibition aims to present multilevel perceptions on Asian contemporary art within Asia, and to articulate the current conditions of Asia in the context of globalization.

In doing so, the concepts, key words, and artists that were first presented in the local exhibitions have been re-mixed and put into a new context. The exhibition will take place in two locations, the Japan Foundation Forum and Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, and exhibit works of 43 young artists (and groups) from 7 Asian countries that have fresh and invigorating sensibilities.
A number of related programs are also in plan to be organized during the exhibition, including a symposium that will discuss the theme of curation in Asia.The process of organizing this exhibition has been particularly stimulating, as young curators have been challenged with a task to understand the arts and cultures of their peers, and to collaborate with each other in producing an exhibition based on a common interest. This project entitled, "Under Construction," is a cross-border curatorial effort to construct a basic framework that will enable curators and artists to further expand their network in the future.
We hope that the "Under Construction" exhibition will be able to show contemporary Asia through Asian eyes, as well as observe one of the dimensions of communication and exchange that are taking place at multiple levels within Asia.

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