Activity Report (1995) Part 2 - III. Contribution to the Development of an Equitable and Open Society

All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (China)
Asian Design for Corporate Management and Culture

¥ 1,500,000
Aiming to contribute to the realization of China's modernization, the grantee invited business executives, designers and market researchers from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan to a seminar in Beijing to consider corporate management and corporate culture in Asia on the threshold of the 21st century. The participants discussed the appropriate use of design in maintaining a balance between economics and culture, and between human beings and their environment.

Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University (Japan)
Changes in Civil Legal Systems Brought by the Introduction of Market Economies in China, Vietnam and Mongolia

¥ 1,975,000
With the cooperation of local governments in each country, this research project investigated the current status of civil legal systems and recent legislation in China, Mongolia, and Vietnam. The researchers examined legal problems resulting from the introduction of market economies, and discussed various policies to address those problems.

Kyoto Comparative Law Center (Japan)
Japan and the Legislation of China's Civil Code: Japanese Contributions to the Enactment of the Chinese Contract Code

¥ 1,223,000
In light of the introduction of a market economy in China, a number of changes in that country's laws on commercial contracts have been necessary. This grant supported a series of activities involving Japanese legal experts, their Chinese counterparts, as well as Chinese law-makers. The activities included collaborative research, the provision of information and advice to and exchange of opinions with Chinese legislators, a workshop on the theme of "Comparison of the Legal Culture in Japan and China," and a symposium entitled "Enactment of the Chinese Contract Code."

Obirin University (Japan)
Study Tour of Vietnamese Researchers to Examine Literature on Industrial Development and Library Management Systems in Japan

¥ 1,985,000
Administrative officials and researchers from Vietnam were invited to Japan to do library research on Japan's industrial development. They also studied Japanese library information management systems and fortified the research network among scholars in Japan and Vietnam, with special attention to fostering young social scientists in Vietnam.

Department of Political Science and Diplomacy, Soong Sil University (Korea)
New Paradigms for Development in East Asian Nations: Comparative Studies of Decentralization Reform in Japan, Korea and China

¥ 1,271,000
Political scientists from Soong Sil University, together with Japanese counterparts from several universities and think tanks, conducted preliminary research on "Internationalization and Localization in Japan." The results were then discussed at an international conference in which trends in administrative decentralization and liberalization of the bureaucracy in China, Japan, and Korea were compared and analyzed.

Indochina Media Memorial Foundation (Thailand)
Reporting on Business, Finance and the Economy

¥ 3,625,050
Seventeen journalists from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam were brought to Chulalongkorn University for a three-week training course on reporting on business, financial, and economic issues. The course, which included a field visit to industrial estates, provided refresher lectures in basic journalism, stressed the improvement of general writing skills, and informed participants about prevailing international business and economic practices that are of relevance to the Indochina region. In addition to the training workshops led by trainers from U.S.A. and U.K., there was a series of visiting lectures by distinguished Thai and foreign businessmen and journalists based in Bangkok.

Mekong Region Law Center (Thailand)
New Developments in International Trade Law

¥ 3,729,962
Aiming to address the issues of legal reform in the transition from centrally planned to market economy in Indo-China, this Bangkok-based NGO used an Asia Center grant to host a workshop for government officials and legal specialists from Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam to discuss the fundamentals of tariff and trade law and state contracts. It also aimed to increase the participants' understanding of the importance and relevance of rapidly changing international law governing trading relationships between states as expressed in GATT and WTO.

Organizing Committee for Exchanging Community Service Programs (Thailand)
Exchanging Community Service Programs in the Indochina Region

¥ 718,530
This grant partially supported an international seminar that gathered NGO staff persons and government officials from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam to identify the roles of NGOs, cooperation between NGOs and governments, and networking of NGOs within Indochina. Themes focused on problems related to urbanization and rural development.

Vietnam Asia-Pacific Economic Center (Vietnam)
National Industrialization Strategy and Regional Development: The Japanese Experience and the Development of the Central Region of Vietnam

¥ 453,135
In an attempt to learn from Japan's post-War experience, the Center convened a symposium at which scholars from Japan and administrative officials and scholars from 14 provinces of Central Vietnam discussed regional development within a national industrialization strategy.

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