Activity Report (1995) Part 2 - IV. Preserving, Documenting or Increasing Public Access to Tangible

Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles (IKKT) (Cambodia)
Traditional Textiles in Cambodia

¥ 3,514,500
This NGO, set up by a Japanese expert on Southeast Asian traditional textiles, used an Asia Center grant to carry out a range of activities aimed at reviving and stimulating traditional weaving in Cambodia. These included: research on and promotion of silkworm breeding and silk production; training of and support for village weavers from various provinces; attempts to duplicate masterpieces of Khmer weaving held in private and museum collections abroad; and purchase and display of old and new Khmer textiles.

Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) (India)
Community-based Conservation and Sustainable Development of Architectural Heritage

¥ 2,806,195
In this project's first phase, INTACH, an Indian non-governmental body that complements the work of government institutions in preserving the nation's cultural and natural heritage, collaborated with the Institute of Asian Cultures, Sophia University, to develop a model of historic site engineering methodology, pioneered by the Institute, suitable for the Indian context. A second phase involved undertaking a pilot study at Chirag Delhi, which invited local community input and took into account local aspirations. Two booklets documenting the project were later published.

Indonesian National Heritage Trust (INHT) (Indonesia)
Preserving Indonesia's Architectural Heritage

¥ 1,751,655
The INHT convened leaders of local heritage trust groups from all over Indonesia at a seminar on how to address the problems involved in preserving historic buildings in urban areas. They also mounted an exhibition in conjunction with the meeting.

Buddhist Library (Japan)
Preservation of Buddhist Culture in Nepal

¥ 3,000,000
Working in collaboration with local NGOs and individuals, the grantee carried out a multifaceted project with the aim of preserving Nepal's Buddhist culture and cultural properties. With Asia Center support, it trained local people in preservation techniques, documented architecture, festivals and ceremonies, and preserved Buddhist manuscripts on microfilm.

Toyo Bunko (Japan)
Preservation of Dunhuang Documents

¥ 4,990,000
Scholars from the Toyo Bunko, or Oriental Library, a specialized library and research institute on Asian studies in Tokyo, carried out a preliminary investigation on the invaluable collection of ancient manuscripts discovered in caves near Dunhuang in northwest China that are now housed in the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg. They aimed to collaborate with Russian, Chinese, and other scholars on developing a master plan to preserve and record on microfilm these priceless manuscripts, with the ultimate goal of promoting further studies on the culture of inland Asia.

China Loulan Culture Research Center (Japan)
Study of Loulan, Western China, in the Context of the Civilization of Central Asia

¥ 1,400,000
This grant supported a symposium held in Korla, China, attended by archaeologists mainly from Japan and China, to discuss the development of the study of the archaeological site at Loulan and its protection and preservation. In conjunction with the symposium, the participants visited the site and carried out a field survey.

Committee for International Cooperation among Asian Museums (Japan)
International Cooperation among Asian Museums

¥ 4,832,940
With this grant Japanese experts on museology and Indochina studies were enabled to visit the new Museum of Ethnology in Vietnam and the National Museum of Laos to investigate the current situation of both museums and to explore avenues for future cooperation among museums in Asia.

Institute of Asian Architecture (IAA) (Japan)
Preservation of Traditional and Modern Architecture in Hanoi, Vietnam

¥ 1,086,000
The IAA organized this symposium jointly with the Center of Architecture and Construction of Hanoi University of Civil Engineering to discuss the challenge of balancing respect for the value of the extant architectural heritage in Hanoi and the demands of economic modernization. A photo exhibition on "Architecture in Hanoi" was held in conjunction with the symposium.

Japanese Association for Cambodian Cultural Restoration (Japan)
Collection of Basic Literature on Khmer Culture

¥ 3,000,000
A group of Japanese scholars and others concerned with that country's intellectual and spiritual renewal used an Asia Center grant to purchase and donate basic academic and reference books on Cambodian society, history, culture, and religion to the Buddhist Institute in Phnom Penh. The Institute, which played a vital role in Cambodia's intellectual life before its total destruction under the Pol Pot regime, is trying to rebuild its once glorious collection and will also use the donated books for distribution to regional libraries throughout the country.

Nara Machizukuri Center (Japan)
4th Symposium of the Asia and West Pacific Network for Urban Conservation (AWPNUC)

¥ 3,000,000
The Center hosted a meeting of the AWPNUC on the conservation and preservation of traditional urban built environment in Asia. With the aim of extending its support to conservation movements in various Asian cities, the participants discussed promotion and global networking of preservation activities at a civic level.

Toyota Foundation (Japan)
Conservation of Historical Wooden Monuments at the Mausoleum of Emperor Ming Mang in Hue, Vietnam

¥ 3,954,000
The Asia Center and the Toyota Foundation collaborated in supporting the dispatch of technicians and experts on the conservation of historical wooden buildings to conduct a survey in preparation for the restoration of the wooden monuments at the mausoleum of Emperor Ming Mang in Hue, the capital of the last dynasty of Vietnam.

Children's Cultural Centre (Laos)
Traditional Lao Literature

¥ 1,532,237
Recognizing that traditional Lao language and literature are under increasing threat from the widespread influence of Thai and English, this project aimed to edit, publish and translate works of Lao literature (including some in Pali) for greater public understanding and access. A series of academic seminars was also held.

Lao Textiles
Traditional Lao Literature

¥ 3,382,440
A series of exhibitions of traditional Laotian textiles and seminars on how to maintain and transmit traditional weaving techniques was carried out by this Laotian NGO. Several researchers and textile experts from Japan and India attended the seminars.

Lok Virsa (National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage) (Pakistan)
Documentation and Preservation of Intangible Cultural Property of Central Asia and Indus Valley

¥ 2,730,625
Researchers of Lok Virsa collaborated with Japanese counterparts in the work of documenting and preserving the rich culture of the Central Asia republics and the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China, focusing especially on music, folklore, oral literature, and handicrafts. The results of the research have been collected in the form of videotapes, audiocassette tapes and written documents at Lok Virsa's offices for easy access by the public.

Local Information Center for Development (LICD) (Thailand)
Preservation of Thai Handicrafts

¥ 1,760,682
This Thai NGO carried out various activities to sustain handicrafts production in northern Thailand. In an effort to transmit traditional knowledge to younger generations, while empowering experts and artists from the older generations, and to stimulate public appreciation for and understanding of traditional techniques, LICD convened a series of public seminars and workshops.

Hue Institute of Arts, Hue National University (Vietnam)
Course in Nha Nhac (Court Music) at Hue National University

¥ 4,262,541
Ethnomusicologists from Japan and Vietnam collaborated in setting up a course at Hue National University in nha nhac, the traditional court music of Vietnam, with the hope of transmitting this musical tradition to future generations.

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