Activity Report (1997) Charts

The five charts below illustrate various breakdowns by category of the 94 projects supported by Asia Center grants in fiscal year 1997, to give some idea of the focus of the projects supported, and of the grantees who carried them out. Chart 1, Project Focus by Theme, shows the percentage of projects according to the five program priorities that the Asia Center set in its initial year. Chart 2, Grantees by Region, shows where the institutions that received Asia Center grants are based. The percentage of grants to Japan-based institutions increased slightly from last year, while those to Southeast Asia decreased. The number of projects focused on the Asia region as a whole decreased 18 percent from last year while the projects focused on East Asia doubled (see Chart 3, Project Focus by Region). Chart 4, Project Focus: Single-Country, Bilateral, or Multilateral, shows that almost 60 percent were focused on issues in three or more countries (up from 55 percent in 1995), with a tiny number focused bilaterally, and about 39 percent directed to issues in a single country. Finally, Chart 5, Grantees by Institutional Type, provides a picture of the kinds of institutions that used Asia Center grant funds: universities; independent research institutes or think tanks; professional associations or learned societies; cultural institutions, such as museums or libraries; and non-profit or non-governmental organizations. The first three, which together comprise the academic sector, make up about 62 percent of the total of 1997 grantees, with the number of NGOs decreasing slightly to 21 percent, down from 30 percent in 1996.

Chart 1: Project Focus by Theme
Chart 1

Chart 2: Grantees by Region
Chart 2

Chart 3: Project Focus by Region
Chart 3

Chart 4: Project Focus : Single-Country, Bilateral or Multilateral Chart 1

Chart 5: Grantees by Institutional Type
Chart 5

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