Activity Report (1997) III. Publications

Editing, Publishing and Disseminating a Quarterly Newsletter, Asia Center News (Japan)

¥ 12,185,639
The Asia Center News, which was launched in 1995, reports on the projects of both divisions of the Asia Center, and contains other articles of general interest concerning Asian cultures and societies, and information about upcoming events relating to Asia in Japan. Appearing originally in quarterly issues and now three times a year, the Asia Center News is published in Japanese and is targeted at readers in Japan. It is also available on the Japan Foundation's Web site ( In the three issues published in fiscal year 1997, the Asia Center News carried such articles as the following, among many others: a round-table discussion among the International House-Asia Center's Asia Leadership Fellows on "Asian Values and Development"; an article on documentary film in Asia, on the occasion of the Asia Center-supported Asia Documentary Film Festival; a dialogue between a Nepali and a Japanese poet; a summary of the Asia Center's lecture series on "lifestyles of the middle-class in Bangkok"; a dialogue on contemporary Southeast Asian art between a Thai and an Indonesian artist; and reports on two Asia Center-supported projects, the Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP) and a conference on Mongolian studies.

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