Activity Report (1997) Part 2 - V. Sustaining the Vitality of Artistic Traditions in Changing Contexts

Centre de Developpement Culturel et des Arts Populaires Khmers (CDCAPK) (Cambodia)
Traveling Small Shadow Theater

¥ 2,047,617
This project tried to address several problems simultaneously: transmission of the art of traditional shadow puppet theater from older to younger generations; educating and carrying for orphans and street children; and using traditional performing arts as a medium for conveying information on urgent social issues, such as public health (AIDS education) and human rights. CDCAPK is a small NGO founded by a returning Cambodian exile and local colleagues, which has raised funds locally and internationally for its programs. The Asia Center grant supported training of 10-16-year old orphans in shadow puppet manufacture and performance, storytelling, drawing, and music by those local artists who managed to survive the genocidal Pol Pot regime. It enabled the group to take their performances to local schools and pagodas in the Siem Reap area. Finally, in collaboration with the international NGO Medecins sans Frontieres, CDCAPK developed new story scripts focusing on AIDS prevention.

World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre (Canada)
World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre

¥ 3,670,800
This is the third phase of a project, based at York University in Canada, to complete the Asia/Oceania volume of a projected six-volume World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre that documents and analyzes theatre in 160 countries since 1945. The grant enabled the series editors to work with a team of 17 regional and specialist writers from 33 Asian countries, and to complete the final editing process. The volume will be published and released in 1998. The grant also supported the publication of brochures to promote this UNESCO-designated project for the World Decade of Cultural Development.

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences (India)
Cultural Consequence of Globalization: The Case of Music

¥ 2,252,880
This Calcutta-based independent research institute organized an international conference to review the impact of globalization on culture from an analytical and interdisciplinary perspective. The major part of the discussion focused on music, with particular emphasis on music in India, but taking into account the experiences of other music cultures in Asia and the disciplines of cultural studies, visual arts and film studies. The main themes of the conference were: "Meaning and Cultural Identity in the Wake of Globalization," "Globalization and Popular Music in India and Elsewhere" and others. About 50 scholars in ethnomusicology, folklore studies, film and media studies, economics, and social sciences from Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Uganda, U.K., and U.S.A. attended the conference. As a spin-off, the project set up a collaborative Calcutta-based Music Center.

Lontar Foundation (Yayasan Lontar) (Indonesia)"On the Record": Film Series on Contemporary Indonesian Writers

¥ 2,754,000
An Indonesian NGO dedicated to promoting Indonesian literature abroad, the Lontar Foundation, used support from the Asia Center for a series of films about elderly living authors. Each film is 24-30 minutes in length and is composed of a voice-over narration explaining the writer's life story and social background; an interview with the author; and a recitation or presentation by the writer from his or her own work. The first phase targeted ten living authors, of which five were completed with the grant in 1997. The films, directed by young Indonesian documentary film makers, were produced in Indonesian and English versions and are meant for television broadcast or use in schools or universities. The many hours of documentary footage compiled in the course of making the short films will be stored in a national film archives as an invaluable record of Indonesia's written heritage.

National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
Publication on Asian Music and Dance in Education

¥ 984,720
This was a publication project to follow-up an Asia Center-supported conference and workshop, held in Singapore in 1996, entitled "Asian Music and Dance: Educational Perspectives." The event gathered performing arts specialists from seven Asian countries, U.K. and U.S.A. to discuss the use of Asian music and dance in schools and universities in the region. This year's grant enabled the convener to publish the proceedings of the conference, including recommendations to educators and policy-makers.

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