Activity Report (1998) Part 2   V. Sustaining the Vitality of Artistic Traditions in Changing

World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theater (WECT) (Canada)
World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theater: A Panel Discussion at the Book Launch of the Asia-Pacific Volume of WECT

¥ 1,385,250
This was the last in a grant series to support the compilation of the World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theater's fourth volume on Asia and the Pacific. This year, the grant was used by the Toronto-based research project to launch the completed product in Japan at the Japan Performing Arts Market. As well a colloquium entitled "Theater in Asia: A Half-Century Overview" that was participated in by scholars and performing art personalities from different countries in Asia with principal presenters invited from Singapore, Malaysia, India, and China was organized.

Centre de Développement Culturel et des Arts Populaires Khmers (CDCAPK) (Cambodia)
Traveling Small Shadow Theatre

¥ 4,139,197
This grant was a continuation of the previous years commitment to the Center's effort to preserve, revive, and pass on to the next generation, traditional Cambodian small shadow puppetry. The project has created a center to cultivate youngsters' interest and talents, provided increasingly professional training to performers, re-instilling traditional values to school teachers, resurrected disappearing tales, and actually conducted promotional performances. In addition to treating traditional stories, the project also embraced popular stories with contemporary messages including that of HIV/AIDs, child labor, prostitution and human rights. Capping its accomplishment, a shadow puppet troupe of the project is being invited by various sponsors to partake in a roving performance throughout Japan in the coming year.

Society for World Music Education (Japan)
Asian (ASEAN and Japan) Community Music

¥ 2,716,040
The Society for World Music Education used this grant to send ASEAN and Japanese delegates to the community music session of the International 23rd World Conference in South Africa to introduce traditional music education in Asia. Participants from several Asian countries ran a workshop entitled "Asian Bamboo Community Music" to present music education from the Asian perspectives focusing on bamboo musical instruments made in Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Noting the prominence of Western-oriented music education systems in the world, the presentation has charted a new horizon for a more cross-cultural teaching strategy. The output of the project is to be collated on videotapes or CD-ROM.

Executive Committee for Asian Performing Artists Forum in Okinawa (Japan)
Asian Performing Artists Forum in Okinawa

¥ 4,148,800
The Okinawa-based Forum organized an open event whereby 20 performing artists from 10 Asian cities gathered to participate in lectures, discussions, and staged performances. The issues covered included the state of performing arts in Asia, traditional art forms in the modern world, and challenges for networking among modern art in Asia Pacific. In the end, participants established the Asia Artnet and resolved to adopt this kind of activity to be held biannually in Okinawa, a location historically and geographically recognized as Japan's window to Asian countries.

Asia-Pacific Producers' Network Japan (Japan)
Asia-Pacific Producers' Network Performing Arts for Children and Young People

¥ 2,150,000
On the threshold of the 21st century, vigorous activity by producers of young theater is urgently needed to provide works in the performing arts for the children of the new century. With this as a backdrop, APPN-Japan called on producers throughout the Asia-Pacific region to open the first APPN symposium under the theme "Asia-Pacific Producers Network Building for the 21st Century." Producers of theater for young audiences exchanged their views to build networks and exchange information regarding conditions in the profession, to consider together the prospects for the future, and to work out an on-going action plan.

Department of Art Studies, College of Arts and Letters, University of the Philippines (Philippines)
Exhibit and Conference on Women Artists in Selected Southeast Asian Countries

¥ 2,353,650
In conjunction with an exhibit of works by women artists from the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, the exhibit-conference was held on the theme of "Women Imaging Women: Home, Body, Memory." This exhibit presented and analyzed the implications of women's thematic and visual strategies and their potential in re-mapping paradigms in regional art history, art criticism and aesthetics. Eleven of the most active artists and 50 scholars and cultural workers from the region also focused on emerging concerns in Southeast Asian women's contemporary expressions in the visual arts.

Cultural Center of the Philippines (Philippines)
1998 Philippine International Theater Festival and Conference: World Theater in the 21st Century

¥ 1,983,654
As one of a series of events marking the Philippines'100th anniversary of independence, the Cultural Center of the Philippines organized an international theater festival. Its objectives were to provide a venue for discussions on: new trends in theater in the 21st century with special consideration for children and youth as performers and audiences; indigenous theater traditions, cultural identity and integrity vis-a-vis the increasing globalization; and the emergence of hybrid forms of theater. The international participants were comprised of theater educators, theater artists and practitioners, cultural planners, and policy makers. The Conference resulted in resolutions that will be further discussed and directed to policy-makers, organizations, and other appropriate authorities. A festival and conference report was published.

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