Fellow's Seminar: Ms. EL-AMIR, Nilly Kamal

Invitation to the Fellow’s Seminar Fiscal 2008-2009 (on November 27, 2008)

The Japan Foundation
Europe, Middle East and Africa Div.

The Japan Foundation would like to welcome you to join us for the Fellows' Seminar for Fiscal 2008-2009. The presenter is Ms. EL-AMIR, Nilly Kamal Egypt, Researcher of Center for Asian Studies, Faculty of Economics & Political Science, CairoUniversity.

Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008
Time: 15:00-16:30
Venue: JFIC Space “Keyaki” at the Japan Foundation Head Office.

Note: The Japan Foundation headquarters moved to the new office. Please refer to the link below.

Admission Fee: Free
Language: English (no interpretation)
Contact: If you would like to attend the seminar, please notify Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Dept. by Wednesday, November 26, 2008 with your name, affiliation, and contact information (tel., fax or e-mail).
If you would apply by e-mail, please be aware to write the name of the presenter and the date of the seminar in the title. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Tel: 03-5369-6069/ Fax: 03-5369-6041 E-mail
Presenter: Ms. EL-AMIR, Nilly Kamal
Egypt, Researcher of Center for Asian Studies, Faculty of Economics & Political Science, CairoUniversity
Presentation Theme: “Environmental Security in the International Politics: A Comparative Study between the Japanese and American Policies "

As a result of the increasing awareness of protecting environment, since 1970s the security studies have been expanded to include new dimensions and concepts such as: energy security and environmental security…On other words, environmental security has emerged as an increasingly concern of both governments and international organizations because of several trends that have the potential to threaten stability. These problems include among others: illegal immigration, rapid urbanization, desertification, global warming... In this context, this talk divides into two main sections. First, analyzing the different definitions of “environmental security” as a debatable concept and introducing the definition that I will work on. The second part will apply this concept on the case studies of Japan and the United States. In this part I will try to find out the main characteristics of these two countries’ policies regarding the environment issues and the environmental security, and how typical/ similar or different they are from each other? In addition to investigating the main factors that led both Japan and the United states to adopt these situations: (e.g. is it the influence of the NGOs or the business community/lobby…)

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