"KAKEHASHI Project" Chosei Senior High School (Chiba)

Dispatch in October 2013

Group 1 (High School Students)
Chosei Senior High School (Chiba)

Period:October 25 - November 7, 2013
Local Visit Destination: Classical High School (Rhode Island)
Number of Participants: 25

Tour Photo Album

Photo of Orientation in Tokyo
Orientation in Tokyo

Group photo taken at Washington Dulles International Airport
Arrival at Washington Dulles International Airport

Photo of Orientation in the U.S.
Orientation in the U.S.

Group photo taken at National Air and Space Museum
National Air and Space Museum
(Learning about U.S. cutting-edge technology and industry)

Group photo taken at Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
(Learning about U.S. history and culture)

Group photo taken at The White House
The White House
(Learning about U.S. politics)

Photo of School exchange at Paul Public Charter
School exchange at Paul Public Charter School

Photo of Reception at the Embassy of Japan in the United States of America
Reception at the Embassy of Japan in the United States of America

Photo of Courtesy call at Providence City Hall 1
Courtesy call at Providence City Hall

Photo of Courtesy call at Providence City Hall 2
Courtesy call at Providence City Hall

Photo of the last dinner in Nashville
Last dinner in Nashville

Photo of Hotel in Nashville
Hotel in Nashville

Voices from Participants

1.What impressed you most in this experience of promoting the charms of Japan in the U.S.?

  • The presentation on “The Hospitality of Japan,” which I worked on for three months and developed by trial and error, left the greatest impression. When making the presentation at the Embassy, I thought this would be a once in a lifetime experience. Instead of getting nervous or worrying about what would happen, I told myself that it was my mission to convey the charms of Japan and that I would give it my all. At the end of the presentation I was overcome with emotion and I will never forget the audience's reaction. As the applause rippled through the Embassy, I was filled with happiness and a sense of accomplishment and I was moved to tears. I was truly grateful and honored to have this opportunity.
  • I made a presentation on the theme of “The Japanese Art of Tea Ceremony and the Samurai Spirit.” I think I was able to receive the applause because I not only memorized the script but also expressed my passion to the audience. I think the care that I put in my words and actions symbolizes what it means to be Japanese. I think I was able to convey the charm of Japan through the presentation and the communication I had with the people. I was able to confirm from the audience's reaction that they understood the unique appeal of Japan.

2.What would you like to pass on to people in your community and school after you return to Japan?

  • When people listened to our presentations or participated in class, somebody always raised their hand and made comments. I would like to teach people about this positive attitude.
  • I thought that even if I couldn't speak fluently in English or with correct grammar, I could express what I want to say through the words I do know and with gestures. I realized that how much you want to express yourself to the other person is more important than how many words or how much grammar you know.

3.Please freely describe your experience in the KAKEHASHI Project.

  • Before I participated in this program, I didn't speak up in class very much and I was not very outgoing, but the experience of visiting the schools and the homestay gave me more opportunity to converse with people. I learned about how one should express oneself in a positive manner.
  • I think it was a very valuable experience that enabled me to learn and grow. I learned how to adapt to the circumstances and improvise when making presentations and how to use “practical English,” so I think my English skills improved. All of this will be beneficial for my future and I firmly believe that I have changed in many aspects. I hope that Japan and the U.S. will have even better relations in the future.

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