"KAKEHASHI Project " Dispatch: Thematic Programs (Young Professional Community Advocates from Japan)

Dispatch in June 2014

Group 1 (Young Professional Community Advocates from Japan)

Period:June 8 — 15, 2014
Number of Participants: 9

Tour Photo Album

Photo taken at The Japan Foundation, New York
The Japan Foundation, New York

Photo taken at Harlem Community Development Corporation
Harlem Community Development Corporation
(Discussion session)

Photo taken with Greg Van Kirk
Dialogue with social entrepreneur Greg Van Kirk

Photo taken at Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn Brewery
(Discussion session about products and other topics)

Photo taken at Networking session
Networking session
(Jointly organized by Japan Society)

Photo taken at Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau
Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau
(Discussion session)

Photo taken at Farmers' market
Farmers’ market
(Learning about the U.S. culture)

Photo taken at Sustainable Food Center
Sustainable Food Center
(Discussion session)

Photo taken at The City of Austin's Public Works Department
The City of Austin’s Public Works Department
(Discussion session)

Photo taken at Asakura Robinson Company
Asakura Robinson Company
(Discussion session)

Photo taken at BikeTexas
(Discussion session)

Photo taken at Discussion session with experts
Discussion session with experts at the forum
(Jointly organized by Japan-America Society of Greater Austin)

Voices from Participants

1. What impressed you most in this experience of promoting the charms of Japan in the U.S.?

2. What would you like to pass on to people in your community and industry after you return to Japan?

3. Please freely describe your experience in the KAKEHASHI Project.

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