"KAKEHASHI Project" Invitation: Colorado Japanese Teachers Association (Colorado)

Invitation in May 2013

Short-term stay in Japan: Group 4 (Senior and Junior High School Students and University Students)
Colorado Japanese Teachers Association, Colorado

Period:May 26 - June 5, 2013
Local Visit Destination:Obihiro (Hokkaido Prefecture)
Number of Participants:24

Tour Photo Album

Photo of Orientation 1

Photo of Orientation 2
(Lecture on Japanese lifestyle)

Photo taken at Tokyo National Museum
Studying Japanese history and culture
(Tokyo National Museum)

Photo taken at Meiji Jingu
Visit to the Meiji Shrine
(Learning about Japanese traditional culture)

Photo taken in Harajuku
Visit to Harajuku
(Learning about ‘Cool Japan’)

Photo of Okonomiyaki experience
Okonomiyaki experience

Photo taken at Tokyo Toy Museum
Visit to Tokyo Toy Museum
(Japanese cultural experience)

Photo taken at The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Visit to Miraikan, The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
(Learning about cutting-edge technologies of Japan)

Photo taken at Hinokawa Farm in Obihiro
Visit to Hinokawa Farm in Obihiro
(Learning about Japanese local industries)

Photo taken at JA Obihiro Kawanishi
Visit to JA Obihiro Kawanishi
(Learning about Japanese local industries)

Photo taken with Mayor of Obihiro City, Norihisa Yonezawa
Courtesy call on Mayor of Obihiro City, Norihisa Yonezawa

Photo taken at Obihiro Centennial City Museum
Visit to Obihiro Centennial City Museum
(Learning about Japanese history, industries, and nature of the local area)

Photo taken at Hokkaido Obihiro Hakuyou High School 1
School exchange at Hokkaido Obihiro Hakuyou High School

Photo taken at Hokkaido Obihiro Hakuyou High School 2
School exchange at Hokkaido Obihiro Hakuyou High School
(Japanese calligraphy experience)

Photo of Homestay experience 1
Homestay experience

Photo of Homestay experience 2
Homestay experience

Photo of Straw sandals making experience
Straw sandals making experience at Hokkaido Tokachi Ecology Park

Photo of Homestay experience 3
Homestay experience

Photo taken at Lake Shikaribetsu
Visit to Lake Shikaribetsu
(Learning about Japanese local nature)

Photo taken at Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden
Visit to Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden
(Learning about Japanese local industries)

Photo taken at Senso-ji/Nakamise in Asakusa
Visit to Senso-ji/Nakamise in Asakusa
(Learning about Japanese traditional culture)

Photo taken at Edo-Tokyo Museum
Visit to Edo-Tokyo Museum
(Learning about traditional culture and history of Tokyo)

Photo of Debriefing Session 1
Debriefing Session

Photo of Debriefing Session 2
Debriefing Session

Voices from Participants

1.Having participated in the KAKEHASHI Project, what do you think are Japan’s strengths and attractiveness?

  • Japan’s strength is definitely the respectfulness and generosity of everyone I met. Overall peacefulness of the country was very amazing. The amount of selflessness that the Japanese showed me was very eye-opening and also inspiring.
  • Japan has an amazing community that cares a lot about others. This way of being a community is more beneficial because they are able to think of what is best for the community. The way in which Japan runs their garbage is extremely amazing.

2.How do you change your perspective of Japan through the project?

  • I didn’t realize until later in the trip that there is much I still must learn about Japan and language to truly understand the culture. I feel like Japan has grown to be a part of me. My life has been forever changed.
  • I originally thought that Japan was a strict society which was completely different from America. After my visit to Japan, I found our thought about Japan was different in two ways, its people are nicer and is absolutely amazing.

3.After returning to the U.S., what aspect(s) of Japan do you want to learn more?

  • I would be interested in learning about business in Japan along with nation’s history and many beliefs about Japan’s future and school in order to achieve effective education in order to prepare to competitive markets that are international.
  • When I return, I really want to continue studying Japanese language so I can return to Japan and have an even more profound and fruitful learning experiences as well as more thoroughly immerse me into the culture.

4.It is hoped that you will promote further mutual understanding between our two countries, serving as bridges in the Japan-U.S. relationship. What will you do to deepen understanding of Japan’s strengths and attractiveness?

  • I would like to participate in a Colorado/Wyoming Student Union to promote Japanese language and culture and continue to take Japanese classes.
  • I will share my experience with my students and encourage them to think more worldly. I want to begin a Japanese student association to spread cultural awareness throughout Rocky Mountain Region.

5.Please freely describe your experience in the KAKEHASHI Project.

  • The event that stood out to me the most was the visit to Hakuyo High School and homestay. The Japanese students were all nice and outgoing to talk in English and to teach us some activities. Also my confidence in Japanese has grown and I am speaking more fluently than before.

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