"KAKEHASHI Project" Invitation: University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (Wisconsin)

Invitation in May 2013

Short-term stay in Japan: Group 2 (University Students)
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Period: May 14 - 24, 2013
Local Visit Destination: Chiba Prefecture
Number of Participants: 25

Tour Photo Album

Photo of Orientation
Orientation/lecture on Japan-U.S. relationship
(The Japan Foundation)

Photo taken at Senso-ji Temple
Visit to Senso-ji in Asakusa

Photo taken at Kikkoman Corporation's soy-sauce factory
Visit to a soy-sauce factory of Kikkoman Corporation

Photo taken at Mizu-no Sato, Sawara
Visit to a farmer's market
(Mizu-no Sato, Sawara)

Photo taken in Sawara, Katori City 1
Visit to Sawara, Katori City

Photo taken in Sawara, Katori City 2
Visit to a traditional townscape in Sawara

Photo taken at an international festival
Joining an international festival in Chiba

Photo taken at Chiba-Wisconsin friendship square in Makuhari
Visit to the Chiba-Wisconsin friendship square in Makuhari

Photo taken at Chiba University 1
School exchange
(Chiba University)

Photo taken at Chiba University 2
School exchange/discussion
(Chiba University)

Photo taken at Courtesy call on Governor of Chiba Prefecture 1
Courtesy call on Governor of Chiba Prefecture, Kensaku Morita

Photo taken at Courtesy call on Governor of Chiba Prefecture 2
Courtesy call on Governor of Chiba Prefecture, Kensaku Morita

Photo of Nihon Buyo experience
Nihon Buyo experience instructed by Master Minosuke Nishikawa
(The Japan Foundation)

Photo taken at Meiji Jingu Shrine
Visit to Meiji Shrine

Photo taken in Harajuku
Visit to Harajuku

Photo of Okonomiyaki experience
Okonomiyaki experience

Photo taken at Imperial Palace
Visit to the Imperial Palace

Photo taken at Mitsubishi Corporation
Visit to Mitsubishi Corporation

Photo of Debriefing session 1
Debriefing session
(The Japan Foundation)

Photo of Debriefing session 2
Debriefing session
(The Japan Foundation)

Voices from Participants

1.Having participated in the KAKEHASHI Project, what do you think are Japan’s strengths and attractiveness?

  • I think one of the things that is most attractive to me about Japan is its history. The fact that the US and Japan have a strong relationship really fascinates me. I also believe Japan is a strong influence on the business world and that plays a key part in US-Japan Relationship.
  • I think Japan has extremely rich and interesting history which the museums were fantastic for. Japan is capable of maintaining its traditional culture while simultaneously being a center for Pop culture.

2.How do you change your perspective of Japan through the project?

  • I did not really know about Japan prior to coming here so I now have a whole new perspective. The country is beautiful and the people have been very nice, I have ever met new friends from Japan. So I now have a greater understanding and appreciation of all that Japan has to offer.
  • I got to see what real Japan is, it’s a wonderful country. Before I came to Japan I knew a little about its culture and customs but being here and experience the Japanese life has given me a more accurate perspective.

3.After returning to the U.S., what aspect(s) of Japan do you want to learn more?

  • I especially want to learn more about the language. The use of Kanji is so different from the English language. I also want to learn more about the geography of Japan. I want to know what each city or prefecture is known for.
  • Traditional culture such as dance, music and theatre. Mono no aware is very fascinating to me and I think I would like to read more literature (The Tale of Genji).

4.It is hoped that you will promote further mutual understanding between our two countries, serving as bridges in the Japan-U.S. relationship. What will you do to deepen understanding of Japan’s strengths and attractiveness?

  • I am the president of the UW Oshkosh Japanese culture club “club Nippon”, so I intend to use what I learned to make the club better and teach people about Japan.
  • I will continue to study Japanese culture, through internet resources and film. Hopefully I will also get to return through either ATL or JET program. Also through music and literature.

5.Please freely describe your experience in the KAKEHASHI Project.

  • I have never had such a great time in my life! Although the schedule was pretty strict and we had little free time, I believe that this project was well organized, and I will be forever thankful. The sights, smells, tastes, textures, everything regarding the places we visited, the food we ate, and the people we met will become the bridge that connects myself to this amazing, beautiful country.

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