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For the year 2001
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ARTS (7 projects)

A Research on POKEMON Design Phenomenon
Duration 2001/04/01-2002/03/31 (Joint-Research)
Organization Faculty of Art & Design, Institute of Technology Bandung-Indonesia (Indonesia)
Descriptions 「ポケットモンスター」を例にして、日本のビジュアル・デザインについて共同研究を実施し、国際シンポジウムを開催。
Project Director Dr. Tendy Y. Ramadin, MSA (Institute of Technology Bandung-Indonesia)
Discipline Arts
Duration 2001/04/01-2002/03/31 (Joint-Research)
Organization Department of Japan's Culture, Centre for Japan Studies (Viet Nam)
Descriptions 日本の文化財保存事業と伝統工芸品産業の振興について、資料収集と日本での調査をもとにして、シンポジウムを開催。
Project Director Dr. Ho Hoang Hoa (Centre for Japan Studies)
Discipline Arts
Project Outcome Japan with the Preservation of National Cultural Heritage and Experiences for Vietnam. Center for Japan Studies.
Planning Seminar "Early Buddist Art from Korea and Japan"
Duration 2001/06/10-2001/06/17 (Seminar)
Organization Japan Society, Inc. (U.S.A.)
Descriptions 韓国と日本の初期仏教美術に関し、日・韓・米の学者が参加して国際会議を開催。
Project Director Ms. Alexandra Munroe (Japan Society, Inc.)
Discipline Arts
Project Outcome The Dynamics of Transmission. Japan Society.
Survey for Japan-Related Materials in the Hopp Ferenc Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts
Duration 2001/08/01-2002/03/31 (Joint-Research)
Organization Department of Japanese, Faculty of Letters, Karoli Gaspar University of the Hungarian Reformed Church (Hungary)
Descriptions ブダペスト美術工芸大学と共同で、美術館所蔵の江戸から明治初期に作成された貴重な日本関係資料のカタログを作成するための共同研究。
Project Director 小池 正胤 Prof. Koike Masatane (Karoli Gaspar University of the Hungarian Reformed Church)
Discipline Arts
Project Outcome A Buddhizmus Muveszete. No.1-4.
Return to Hijikata-International Symposium on Hijikata, Butoh and Dance in the 20th Century
Duration 2001/10/02-2001/10/04 (Conference)
Organization Narciso Cultural Association (Italy)
Descriptions 土方巽以降の「舞踏」に関する国際シンポジウムを開催。
Project Director Prof. Giorgio Salerno (Narciso Cultural Association)
Discipline Arts
Classical Japanese Music in Reforming Traditions of the Past and Present
Duration 2001/05/11-2002/03/31 (Joint-Research)
Organization Russian-Japanese Music Culture Center, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Couservatoire (Russia)
Descriptions 日本の古典音楽に関する講義のための教材作成のための共同研究。日本から邦楽の専門家を招いてワークショップ・講義を開催。
Project Director Prof. M. I. Karatyghina (Moscow State Tchaikovsky Couservatoire)
Discipline Arts
Early Ukiyo-e: New Perspectives
Duration 2002/02/15-2002/02/17 (Conference)
Organization Education Department, The Royal Academy of Arts (U.K.)
Descriptions 王立芸術院とセインズベリー日本芸術研究所の共同開催による、江戸初期浮世絵に関する国際会議。日、米、加、英の研究者が参加。
Project Director Ms. Maryanne Stevens (The Royal Academy of Arts)
Discipline Arts
Project Outcome Clark, Tim. "Early Ukiyo-e: New Perspectives" International Symposium.

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