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For the year 2002
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ARTS (1 project)

Joint Research and Cipher Photo Copying of Japanese Paintings in Fisscher's Collection of MAE
Duration 2002/04/01-2003/03/31 (Joint-Research)
Organization Laboratory for Photo-, Audio- and Video Materials, Peter-the-Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Russia)
Descriptions A comprehensive research of Japanese paintings in early 19th century. 1. Joint research (participation of expert from Tokyo National Research Institute of Cultural Properties). 2. Cipher photographing of 50 paintings with a CD with cipher copies as the result. 3. Publication of the results of the research in special research journals ( in Japan and Russia).
Project Director Prof. N. V. Ushakov (Peter-the-Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography)
Discipline Arts
Project Outcome Paintings by Kawahara Keiga and Other Early 19th c. Japanese Artists in the Johan Frederick van Overmeer Fisscher Collection. MAE RAN.

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