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For the year 2003
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ARTS (4 projects)

Symposium: "Transient Images. Japanese Cinema of the 1960s"
Duration October 16 - 17, 2003 (Conference)
Organization Austrian Japan-Society for Science and Art (Austria)
Descriptions 8 speakers with different national and academic background gather for a symposium that will open to a general public. In addition to three panels with individual presentations the symposium will include an open panel-discussion for questions of the audience. Parallel to the symposium a film-retrospective gives the opportunity to watch the discussed films.
Project Director Prof. Roland Domenig (University of Vienna)
Discipline Arts
The Special Seminar about the Japanese and Czech Puppetry Arts
Duration January 1 - March 31, 2004 (Seminar)
Organization Theatre Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Czech)
Descriptions The educational seminars and workshops focusing on the individuality and relation between the Chanter and Manipulators' system in the Japanese traditional puppetry arts (for example Bunraku), and the investigation of its new potential into the modern Czech and European theatre method.
Project Director Prof. Josef Krofta (Academy of Performing Arts in Prague)
Discipline Arts
Akira Kurosawa: A Symposium
Duration November 20 - 22, 2003 (Conference)
Organization Research Group A1 'Media Anthropology and Media Avant-garde', Siegen University (Germany)
Descriptions The 3-day-conference includes screenings of 4-5 Kurosawa films as well as papers presented by German filsm critics and scholars. The second day will be devoted to discussions with and talks by Japanese members of Kurosawa's former staff (Nakaya Kentaro, Demme Masanobu, Nogami Teruyo) and to a final assessment of Kurosawa's achievement as a film director by Kawarabata Yasushi.
Project Director Prof. K. Ludwig Pfeiffer (Siegen University)
Discipline Arts
Course On "Architecture, Culture and Society in Japan"
Duration November 19, 2003 - February 11, 2004 (Intensive Course)
Organization Department of Architectural Composition, The Foundation for Research and Diffusion of Architecture in Seville (Spain)
Descriptions A graduate intensive course in 10 sessions of 3 hours with an expert lecturing at each lesson. Audience of 70 graduate students of all faculties. Demonstrations and videos when required.
Project Director Prof. Jose M. Cabeza-Lainez (The Foundation for Research and Diffusion of Architecture in Seville)
Discipline Arts

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