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For the year 2003
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Duration June 15 - 25, 2003 (Joint-Research)
Organization 上海国際問題研究所 日本研究室 Department of Japanese Studies, Shanghai Institute for International Studies (China)
Descriptions 自民党政調会と内閣府など政策の立案と実施部門、並びに大学と研究機関などのシンクタンクを訪問し、構造改革に関する意見を聴取する。また、構造改革を進めている実施部門において、その進捗状況を調査した上で、日本経済再生の見通しを分析する。
Project Director 陳 鴻斌 Prof. Chen Hongbin (上海国際問題研究所 Shanghai Institute for International Studies)
Discipline Law, Political Sciences
Security Cooperation in East Asia and Sino-Japanese Relations
Duration October 17 - 18, 2003 (Joint-Research)
Organization 上海環太国際戦略研究センター Shanghai Centre for RimPac Strategic and International Studies (China)
Descriptions East Asian security issues are quite broad and wide-ranging now, and are increasingly transnational in nature. With the increasing political, economic, and military interdependence in the region, the exist good chances for regional security cooperation. The cooperation in this regard between China and Japan would play a decisive role in its promotion and operation.
Project Director 季 国興 Prof. Ji Guoxing (上海環太国際戦略研究センター Shanghai Centre for RimPac Strategic and International Studies)
Discipline Law, Political Sciences
Project Outcome 李国興 『東亜安全合作和中日関係』. 上海環太国際戦略研究センター上海交通大学環太研究センター.
Ji, Guoxing. Security Cooperation in East Asia and Sino-Japanese Relations. Shanhai Center for RimPac Studies, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2004.
Duration June 14 - 15, 2003 (Conference)
Organization 中国日本民商法研究会 Private Law Society of China and Japan (China)
Descriptions シンポジウムの開催。シンポジウムに提出された論文及び会場での議論を論文集の形で出版する。
Project Director 渠 涛 Prof. Qu Tao (中国社会科学院法学研究所民法室)
Discipline Law, Political Sciences
Project Outcome 『中日民商法研究 第2巻』.法律出版社, 2004. ISBN 7-5036-4951-8
America's Alliances in Northeast Asia and the Japan-China Relations
Duration May 1, 2003 - March 31, 2004 (Joint-Research)
Organization 仁荷大学校国際関係研究所 The Centre for International Studies, Inha University (Korea)
Descriptions The main object is to identfy opportunities and challenges involved in the interaction between the alliance rearrangement process and Chinese perception of regional security enviroment.
Project Director Prof. Kwang-Il Baek (仁荷大学校国際関係研究所 The Centre for International Studies, Inha University)
Discipline Law, Political Sciences
Duration April 1, 2003 - March 31, 2004 (Joint-Research, Workshop)
Organization 韓国政治学会 韓日学術交流協力特別委員会 The Committee for Academic Interchange & Cooperation Between Korea Political Science Association and Japanese Political Science Association, The Korean Political Science Association (Korea)
Descriptions 経済危機後の日韓両国の対応をナショナリズム、リージョナリズム、グローバリズムの三つの分野に分けて、国際関係、政治学、経済学、社会学、行政学などの観点から分析する。日本での現地調査、韓国国内でのワークショップ、国際シンポジウムを開催する。
Project Director 金 浩燮 Prof. Kim Ho-sup (中央大学校社会科学大学 Chung-ang University)
Discipline Law, Political Sciences
Duration April 1, 2003 - March 31, 2004 (Conference, Workshop)
Organization 現代日本学会 The Korean Association of Japanese Studies (Korea)
Descriptions 従来日本政府が行ってきた国際協力の限界を明らかにした上で、政府、シンクタンク、NGO等の有機的な相互連携による新しい国際協力モデルを提示し、将来の日本の国際協力政策に関する提言を行う。
Project Director 陳 昌洙 Prof. Jin Chay Soo (世宗研究所 Sejong Institute)
Discipline Law, Political Sciences
Japanese, Chinese and Asean's Approaches to Regional Cooperation
Duration October 9 - 11, 2003 (Conference)
Organization Department of Japanese Studies, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Descriptions This project will bring together leading scholars from Asean countries, Japan, China, Australia, UK, and USA to discuss their research in East Asian free trade agreements, security cooperation, developmental and financial cooperation, roles of regional institutions, and external views regarding East Asian community.
Project Director Prof. Teow See Heng (National University of Singapore)
Discipline Law, Political Sciences
Thirty years of Japan-Bangladesh Relations: Performance Impact and Direction
Duration December 12 - 14, 2003 (Joint-Research, Conference)
Organization Japan Study Center, University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Descriptions The project will undertake a survey on a cross-section of informed people drawn from different groups in society who could offer relevant perspectives on thirty years of Japan-Bangladesh relations. These people will be selected from policy makers, business, politicians, academics and media both in Bangladesh and Japan. A conference will be organized to exchange views on the findings of the survey in order to publish the project report.
Project Director Prof. Ataur Rahman (University of Dhaka)
Discipline Law, Political Sciences
Conference on "Dimensions of Japanese Ethnicity Within and Without, 1543-1945"
Duration November 14 - 15, 2003 (Conference)
Organization Institute of Asian Research and Faculty of Graduate Studies, The University of British Columbia (Canada)
Descriptions With an aim to advance our understanding of Japan's long trajectory of global connections from a historical perspective, fifteen invited participants conduct interdisciplinary research on the theme for a conference and collaborate for a book publication.
Project Director Prof. David W. Edgington (The University of British Columbia)
Discipline Law, Political Sciences
Local Government and Municipality: Case Study of Japan
Duration November 10 - 20, 2003 (Joint-Research)
Organization Faculty of Industrial Relations, Universidad De Guanajuato (Mexico)
Descriptions To solve problems of governance in Mexico, organizing a seminar with specialist from Japan and Mexico to learn from experiences like Japanese local government organization.
Project Director Prof. Nicolas Nava Nava (Universidad De Guanajuato)
Discipline Law, Political Sciences
New Directions in Japanese Foreign Policy
Duration September 1 - 6, 2003 (Joint-Research, Conference)
Organization Center for Asian Studies, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University (Egypt)
Descriptions Scholars from the Arab world will research topics related to Japan's foreign policy including: human security, multilateralism, regional cooperation, nonproliforation.
Project Director Prof. Mohammed Kamal (Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University)
Discipline Law, Political Sciences

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