List of Fellows in 2013: Oceania


Name Institution Title Project Title Adviser's Name Adviser's Institution Adviser's Title
BRUNT, Shelley, Dorothy Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Lecturer Can Songs Heal Japan?: Building National Identity and Social Resilence through a Televised Song Contest      
ISHIKAWA, Machiko University of Tasmania Ph. D. Candidate Nakagami Kenji: Paradox and the Representation of Silenced Subaltern Voice WATABE Naomi Waseda University Professor
MATTHEWS, Joel David New York University Ph. D. Candidate The Ex-Colonial Anomaly: Black Markets in 1940s Japan UMEMORI Naoyuki Waseda University Professor
MEEHAN, Luke James The Australian National University Ph. D. Candidate Fixed investment, uncertainty and financial market volatility in Japan AOKI Kousuke The University of Tokyo Associate Professor

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