Grant Program for Developing Networks of Japanese-Language Teachers and Institutions in the Fiscal Year 2007-2008

2007 Grant Program for Developing Networks of Japanese-Language Teachers and Institutions

  • *The name of the organization and the content of the project are based on the information at the time of making the grant decision.
Country Name of Institution Name of Project Project Description
Indonesia Padjadjaran University  Center for Japanese Language Center Considering Cultural Elements of Japanese Linguistics and Japanese Language Education Premised on the belief that language research and the study of language are equivalent to studying culture, participants present papers and take part in discussions regarding how elements of Japanese culture are reflected in research on and the practice of Japanese linguistics and Japanese language education.
Thailand Payap University First Conference of Representatives of Northern Thailand Japanese Language Schools Its purpose is to create links between and form a network of Japanese language schools in Northern Thailand. Seminars are held for invited representatives of educational institutions that have introduced a Japanese language curriculum, the Ministry of Education of Thailand, Consul-General in Chiangmai, and the Japanese Language Teachers Association.
India Japanese Language Teachers Association of India Japanese Language Teachers Training Conference Based on reports of the present state of Japanese language education in higher schools and in universities throughout India, problems in various regions are clarified and information is shared.
Australia The Australian National University Fifteenth Australian Japanese Language Education Conference It forms a network of Japanese language teachers in Australia so they can share information.
New Zealand Victoria Link Ltd. (Victoria University of Wellington) New Zealand Japanese Language Teachers Network Project 2007 Its purposes are to promote the exchange and distribution of information between Japanese language teachers in New Zealand and to improve their Japanese language ability and Japanese language teaching ability. This year, one-day seminars will be held at 11 locations throughout New Zealand every 2 to 3 weeks from May 8 to December 4 with the focus on teachers in charge of beginners classes in junior and senior high schools.
Canada Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education Canadian Japanese Language Education Promotion Committee, 2007 Conference Presentation of papers and panel discussions intended to improve knowledge of Japanese language education. Training sessions for Japanese language teachers are held and a network of Japanese language teachers is formed.
U.S.A. National Council of Japanese Language Teachers (NCJLT) All-U.S. Japanese Language Teachers Association Formation of a network of American regional teachers organizations and national teachers organizations. Holding workshops, panel discussions, etc. The Japanese language education infrastructure is strengthened through a bottom-up network.
U.S.A. Kapiolani Community College, University of Hawaii Fourth Japanese Language Education Support System Training Conference (CASTEL-J) The state of and challenges facing Japanese language education applying IT are clarified and future directions in its use are studied.
Italy Italian Association for Japanese Language Teaching Fourth Conference of the Italian Japanese Language Education Association (Association Italiana Didattica Lingua Giapponese) It brings together researchers from Italy, Japan, Europe, and America to present papers, discuss and debate, and exchange information concerning the latest achievements of research on Japanese linguistics and Japanese language education.
U.K. The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (BATJ) 2007 Symposium on Japanese Language Education It provides members of institutions of higher education who are involved in Japanese language education with the opportunity to present research reports, report on practical matters, exchange views, and share information. It improves the level of education and specialized knowledge through lectures by experts on matters related to Japanese language education.
Switzerland Association of Japanese Teachers in Switzerland Fifteenth Seminar on Japanese Language Education Its main purposes are to improve the capabilities of Japanese language teachers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and to constantly provide these teachers with the most up-to-date knowledge and information about Japanese language education through lectures, workshops, and question and answer sessions. Another purpose is to exchange specialized information and build a network through exchanges between members, and with teachers and experts participating in seminars.
Germany Japanese at Universities Fourteenth Research Symposium on University Level Japanese Language Education in the German Speaking World The quality of teachers involved in Japanese language at institutions of higher education is improved to contribute to the practice of more rational Japanese language education. Reports on research and practical matters are presented by member teachers and discussions held with invited teachers on the theme “Studying in Japan” (tentative title).
Germany Verein zur Forderung des Japanisch-Unterrichts an VHS e.V. Eighteenth National Training Session (2008) Lectures, workshops, and information exchange sessions etc. are held to improve the teaching skills of Japanese language teachers at VHS (adult education schools) in Germany.
Germany Verein der Japanischlehrkrafte an weiterfuhrenden Schulen im deutschsprachigen Raum e.V. (VJS) Nineteenth Training Session for Secondary School Japanese Language Teachers in German-speaking Nations Japanese language education in institutions of secondary education in German speaking nations is promoted and improved, and steps taken to promote a network of Japanese teachers, teachers whose native language is a regional language, and local educational institutions.
Bulgaria Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Bulgaria Third Bulgarian Japanese Language Education Seminar It improves the level of Japanese language education in Bulgaria and in other countries of Eastern Europe and at the same time, promotes the exchange of information between Japanese language teachers in the region and builds a network linking these teachers.
Romania The Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Romania Second Rumanian Japanese Language Teachers Conference, Japanese Language Education/ Japanese Linguistics Symposium Local reports by Japanese language educational organizations, research on Japanese language education, and concepts of Japanese culture in Japanese language education are presented, discussed and debated. This deepens exchanges between Japanese language teachers in Romania and in adjoining countries and builds a network linking these teachers.
Turkey Istanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Science & Letters Sixth Turkish Japanese Language Teachers Conference It forms and expands a network of people involved in Japanese language education inside Turkey, and provides these people with training.

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