Grant Program for Developing Networks of Japanese-Language Teachers and Institutions in the Fiscal Year 2008-2009

2008 Grant Program for Developing Networks of Japanese-Language Teachers and Institutions

  • *The name of the organization and the content of the project are based on the information at the time of making the grant decision.
Country Name of Institution Name of Project Project Description
Korea The Japanese Language and Literature Society of Korea International Conference on Japanese Language Education 2008. Discusions on current situations, challenges, and possible solutions facing Japanese languuage education and forming a “broad network of Japaneselanguage education". Theme: Forming a broad network of Japanese langugage education of the globalization era. Keywords: Personal and academic network.
Korea Kunsan National University, Department of Language and Literature Japanese Language Network of the West Coast of Korea. Building a network to share researches on Japanese language education in real time and transmitting information to facilitate the use of human resources related to Japanese language corresponding the development of the West Coast of Korea
China College Japanese Teaching and Research Association Forth Conference of the College Japanese Teaching and Research Association Main purposes are to exchange views on challenges concerning education of the Japanese language taught not as the major subject at universities in China, and to form a network of people involved in matters related to the above.
China Tsinghua University Tsinghua University Japanese Language and Culture International Forum 2008 The main goal is to bring Japanese-language researchers who are active on the front line together. The main aim is to contribute to the development of the Japanese linguistics and Japanese language education in China by providing opportunities to present new research results.
China China Japanese Education Association China Japanese Education Association2008 Annual Conference and Japanese Education/Studies International Symposium This program provides those who are involved in Japanese-language education and research in China the opportunity for academic and information exchange.
Mongolia Mongolian Japanese Language Teachers' Association Japanese Language Education Symposium 2008 It enhances a network of Japanese language teachers in Mongolia and at the same time improves the level of Japanese-language teaching skills of the teachers.
Indonesia The Association of Indonesian Japanese Language Education Studies Presentation on designing techniques for written examination, the review session and the workshop. Basic lectures on written tests and workshops for the techniques of designing tests will be conducted by the experts of the Japan Foundation for two days. At the same time, discussion topics will include written tests that were actually utilized with participants through selected presentation.
Thailand Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University International Japanese Language Education Symposium “Prospects for the Japanese Language Education in Southeast Asia” It holds International Japanese-Language Education Symposium continuing Southeast Asia Japanese Language Summit held in Indonesia 2006. The aim is promoting international academic exchange concerning Japanese language education, building Japanese language education network in Southeast Asia, improving Japanese language teaching skills.
Philippine Association of Filipino Nihongo Teachers (AFINITE) A Networking Seminar for Filipino Nihongo Teachers. Presentation of the JLE in a nationwide approach. Group discussion and Lecture.
Vietnam Hanoi University, Department of Japanese Studies International Symposium at Hanoi University “The way to Japanese Studies – in the light of Japanese Language Education” It provides opportunities to exchange opinions between educators in Vietnam and Asia to recognize the role of Japanese language education bridging to Japanese studies, and improves the effects.
India Japanese Language Teachers' Association of India (JALTAI) National Workshop on "Japanese Language Education: Methods of Teaching and Evaluation" It holds the collection and compilation of information on methods of teaching and evaluation from various institutions. Related to the above, lectures and presentations will be given by experts. Publication of proceedings is planned.
Australia University of New South Wales International postgraduate workshop and symposium of Japanese language education The project aims to bring together for postgraduate programs in Japanese Applied/Educational Linguistics in the world to form an international network of young researchers in the field, to collectively improve the quality of postgraduate research of participating postgraduate students, and as a result to improve the future overall quality of research in Japanese Applied/Educational Linguistics.
Canada Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education Canadian Japanese Language Education Promotion Committee, 2008 Conference The conference theme is “Current Change in Japanese language, Japan and Education”. The keynote speech, teachers training, and panel discussions all focus on “adopted words” and “linguistic politeness and diversity”
USA Alliance of Associations of Teachers of Japanese(AATJ) Charting a Course for the Japanese Language Field (US): Evaluating the First Decade of the AATJ and Planning its Future. It aims to bring leaders in Japanese-language education in US together. Specifically, it evaluates the performance of the Alliance during the first ten years of its existence and discusses how the Alliance can best fulfill its mission in the years to come.
USA National Council of Japanese Language Teachers (NCJLT) All-U.S. Japanese Language Teachers Association Formation of a network of American regional teachers organizations and national teachers organizations. Holding workshops, panel discussions, etc. The Japanese-language education infrastructure is strengthened through a bottom-up network.
Mexico Mexican Association of Japanese Language, A.C. 2008 Japanese Language Education Symposium To contribute one of the purposes of the establishment of the Association, the participants learn about the American theory’ “Teacher Development Support Program” to improve the quality of the Japanese language teachers in Mexico.
Italy Italian Association for Japanese Language Teaching Fourth Conference of the Italian Japanese Language Education Association It invites a Japanese-language specialist from Japan and holds the seminars and training workshops regarding Japanese-language education and Japanese linguistic.
United kingdom The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (BATJ) Eleventh BATJ Conference It provides members of institutions of higher education who are involved in Japanese language education in Britain with the opportunity to present research reports, exchange views, and information. It aims at members’ enlightenment and improvement of the specialized knowledge through lectures and workshop by experts on matters related to Japanese language education.
Switzerland Association of Japanese Teachers in Switzerland Sixteenth Seminar on Japanese Language Education Its main purposes are to improve the capabilities of Japanese-language teachers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and to constantly provide these teachers with the information about Japanese language education. Another purpose is to exchange specialized information between the teachers.
Germany Verein der Japanischlehrkrafte an weiterfuhrenden Schulen im deutschsprachigen Raum e.V. (VJS) Twentieth Training Session for Secondary School Japanese Language Teachers in German-speaking Nation Discussion about the theory and the actual situation surrounding the improvement of Japanese language classes in institutions of secondary education in Germany, or the evaluation criteria of the graduation exam (Zentrabitur/Abitur) will be held.
Germany Verein zur Forderung des Japanisch-Unterrichts an VHS e.V. Nineteenth National Training Session (2009) Lectures on practical Japanese-language pedagogy are held by those who are actually teaching the Japanese language in Japan. The participants learn about the latest Japanese-language education。
Germany Japanisch an Hochschule, e.V. (JaH) Fifteenth Research Symposium on University Level Japanese Language Education in the German Speaking World Analyzing the issues facing the Japanese-language education on the basis of the process of Japanese language education over the past 15 years to contribute to the future of Japanese-language education in German-speaking countries from the perspective of EU. Lectures concerning the origin of Japanese-language educationis given with actual presentation of the research conducted by members of JaH.
France Association of Japanese Language Teachers in France Tenth French Japanese Language Symposium The opportunities to exchange views and to deepen one’s knowledge and insights on Japanese linguistic and Japanese-language education for the participants through the lecture “The Japanese language, the Japanese people, Japanese culture : From Linguistic Theory to the Filed of Education”, workshops, practical reports and research presentations.
Ukraine Japanese Teachers Association in Ukraine Eighth Ukrainian Japanese Language Education Seminar It improves the level of Japanese-language education and exchanges information in Ukraine.
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Japanese Language Teachers Association Uzbekistani Japanese Language Education Seminar 2008 It provides the opportunities with presenting own researches on Japanese language, and exchanging views to promote the expansion of the network between the institutions of Japanese language education in Uzbekistan.
Kyrgyz Japanese Language Teachers Association in Kyrgyz Republic Twelfth Central Asian Japanese Language Education Seminar Japanese-language teachers in Central Asia participate in lectures and workshops by invited lectors to improve the knowledge of Japanese language education and the Japanese language teaching skills.
Bulgaria Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Bulgaria Forth Bulgarian Japanese Language Education Seminar It improves the level of Japanese-language education in Bulgaria and in other countries of Eastern Europe and at the same time, promotes the exchange of information between Japanese language teachers in the region and builds a network linking these teachers.
Romania The Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Romania Third Rumanian Japanese Language Teachers Conference, Japanese Language Education/Japanese Linguistics Symposium Building and developing a network linking teachers between Romania and neighboring countries. Training for the teachers. Enhancing their motivation.
Turkey Turkish Association for Teachers of Japanese Thirteenth European Japanese Language Symposium There is four lectures, workshops, and forums under the theme of “A Multicultural Era and Japanese-Language Education”. These provide Japanese language educators in Europe and Turkey the opportunity to exchange views and brainstorm.
Turkey Ankara University Turku countries’ Japanese Language Education Seminar Discussion on how effective Japanese-language education could be through the exchange of views and information between the Japanese-language educators in Turkish countries. It provides the opportunities to build a network, and to undertake collaborative research and study session in those countries.

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