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Please note that our bi-monthly magazine “Wochi Kochi” has been discontinued as of December 2009. We would like to thank our readers for their support for the last five years. Our new online magazine "Wochi Kochi Magazine" has launched in August, 2010
Images of “Wochi Kochi” Our Expectations for Start of a Magazine “Wochi Kochi”

We had for 30 years been making issues of a quarterly “Kokusai Koryu” , until in October 2004 it was renewed to be released as a bimonthly “Wochi Kochi”.

A term “Wochi Kochi” is a demonstrative pronoun for place and time, meaning in Japanese here and there or present and future and originates in a Japanese archaic word to the same effect.

The term “Wochi Kochi”accordingly represents not only our hope for promotion of mutual understanding with foreign countries through making Japanese language and culture known to overseas but also our expectation for the magazine to act as a cultural go-between both for nations and for people.

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No. Special feature
No. 32 December 2009 Is Japan Introverted? Finding Active Japanese around the World
No. 31 October 2009 Relationship between Border-Crossing People and the Nation
No. 30 August 2009 Reviewing “Relationship between People and the River” from Lives around Mekong
No. 29 June 2009 Kabuki Encounters the World
No. 28 April 2009 Danube Europe Encompass Diversity
No. 27 February 2009 NIPPON in the Eyes of Researchers in the World
No. 26 December 2008 Underlying Vitality of the United Kingdom
No. 25 October 2008 Art that Connects the World
No. 24 August 2008 Indonesia in Change
No. 23 June 2008 Translations that Create Japanese
No. 22 April 2008 So far, yet so near -Brazil
No. 21 February 2008 Iconic Actresses Around the World
No. 20 December 2007/ January 2008 Cultural Power of Cities in France
No. 19 October / November 2007 From マンガ to MANGA Manga are cool!
No. 18 August / September 2007 Demystifying India
No. 17 June / July 2007 Drinking Goes Round the World
No. 16 April / May 2006 Russia, Japan's Northern Neighbor
No. 15 February / March 2007 Foundations Serving Civil Society
No. 14 December 2006 / January 2007 Rediscovering Vietnam
No. 13 October / November 2006 Made In Japan! Anime’s Appeal
No. 12 August / September 2006 How the world is reading Haruki Murakami
No. 11 June / July 2006 Australia – Where Diverse Cultures Thrive
No. 10 April / May 2006 The World’s Fascination with Japanese Cuisine
No. 9 February / March 2006 People Who Have Walked The Road of Exchange Between Japan and China.
No. 8 December 2005 / January 2006 Exchange Between Japan and Europe: From the Ground Up
No. 7 October / November 2005 Art Changes the World
No. 6 August / September 2005 Shall We Talk in Japanese?
No. 5 June / July 2005 Unknown Arabic World
No. 4 April / May 2005 Facing America
No. 3 February / March 2005 Changing Japan, A Community Opening Toward the Outside
No. 2 December 2004 / January 2005 Asia Now: Have We Met?
No. 1 October / November 2004 The Power of Culture: Acts of Cultural Exchange

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