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Training Programs for overseas teachers of the Japanese Language

Training Programs for overseas teachers of the Japanese Language The Institute invites Japanese-language teachers from all levels of education (primary, secondary, and higher education) to general language schools (for adults and young children), to attend training programs on Japanese-language, and teaching methods as well as current topics in Japan, with the hope of strengthening the education of Japanese-language overseas.



Photos of the classroom, workshop in culture, flower arrangement experience and visit to a primary school


Development and Promotion of Japanese-Language Educational Materials and Teaching Methodology

The Institute is involved in the distribution, commercial sales, broadcasting, publishing, and improvement of less available commercially printed teaching materials, and video materials, as well as a Japanese-language teachers’ support website and a Japanese-language learners’ support website that have been independently developed by the Japan Foundation to efficiently and effectively address the diverse learning needs of Japanese-language students both in Japan and overseas.


Photos of "the Japan Foundation Japanese-language teaching Method Series" A volume of series on teaching methods (total of 14 volume), web version of "Erin's challenge. I can speak Japanese" and "JF standard for Japanese-Language Education". “JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education” WEB Version of "Erin's Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese."




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