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  • ・ 文字と数字をいっしょに練習できるゲームを紹介します。
  • ・ 「~ている」と「~てある」の使い方はどうちがいますか。
  • ・ 私のクラスのホームページを作りました。見にきてください。




パスワードが知りたい   オンライン同窓会に行く


"Online Dosokai" is a special page for Japanese-language teachers who have been trained at our Institute. You can exchange information with your colleagues around the world or ask questions to the staff at our Institute on this site. Examples of questions you might ask, or information you might like to post, are:


  • ・ I would like to introduce a game activity through which students can learn both words and numbers.
  • ・ Could you tell me a good idea to teach distinction between "-te aru" and "-te iru" forms?
  • ・ Please see the website that our class has newly made at http://www.~


We are always excited to hear news and updates from you.

To enter the site, you need a password which you can obtain by clicking the icon shown below.


Contact: dosokai@jpf.go.jp


管理者(かんりしゃ): dosokai@jpf.go.jp