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This database covers Japanese literary works translated into other languages, mostly after World War II. Searches can be made either in Japanese character or Roman letters.

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Please note that this database does not necessarily hold the data of all published books, so that there may even be some important works that are missing. The Japan Foundation intends to collect information about Japanese literary works translated into foreign languages and periodically update its database. If you are aware of any data concerning Japanese literary works that have been translated into foreign languages that are not listed in this database, please contact us at the e-mail address given below.


  • The information found on this site cannot be used for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of the Japan Foundation. Please contact us if you need to use the data.
  • This database does not include data on non-Roman notation due to language-code restrictions. Online publishing is also not included due to restrictions in research methods.
  • This database is based mainly on data from the Japan P.E.N. Club and UNESCO. Reference has also been made to the databases of the National Institute of Informatics and information available via NACSIS Webcat.
  • Please note that this data is organized according to the titles of the works, and not the titles of the books in which they appear.

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