Supporting Fashion Contest Organized by Marui Group Co., Ltd.

The Japan Foundation (hereinafter called JF) supports corporations international, social action programs, which are important part of CSR, corporate social responsibility.
JF now supports Fashion Contest organized by Marui Group Co., Ltd, a leading company in Japanese fashion industry. The support is part of our CSR support program.
Fashion Contest is an event where non-Japanese who love Japan can express their love for Japan in fashion (photo) and commentary in Japanese language. This is a fuss-free contest so that anyone who begins to take an interest in Japan can join in and likes Japan furthermore.
Now the world recognizes Japanese fashion as unique Japanese culture, and JF also focuses on exchange programs through fashion. It would give us much pleasure if you enjoy yourself participating in international exchange through this Fashion Contest.
Your participation is more than welcome!


Application Period:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 - Monday, September 15, 2008


How to Enter:

  • Prepare a photo of yourself in a fashion on the theme of Japan.
    (Any fashion including kimono, gothic Lolita and cosplay will be accepted)
  • Write a commentary on your fashion in Japanese.
    (Simple commentary in only hiragana and katakana will be fine)
  • Please access
  • Read Campaign page carefully and send your entry by email.



Sample photo of fashion contest 1

Sample photo of fashion contest 2
テーマ:ゴシックでGo Sick!

Sample photo of fashion contest 3

*Click here for contest details


JF Contact:

(Ms.) Uchida
Office for Project Development and Corporate Partnership, The Japan Foundation
Tel.: 03-5369-6061

Planning Office

(Ms.) Okuyama or (Mr.) Hiraiwa
Marketing Planning Department, MARUI Voi Co., Ltd.
Tel.: 03-5369-6037


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