Japanese Movie Screening with Subtitles in Foreign Languages 2010

The Japan Foundation Kyoto Office and the International House, Osaka will jointly organize the series of famous Japanese film screenings with subtitles in English and Korean, on the 3rd Friday of January and March (on the second Friday of February).

These contemporary high-profile Japanese films that describe the scenes and lifestyles of Japan at the times will enhance your understandings of the climate, culture, and society of Japan that have been changing with the times. This series will include three screenings: the first and second will be screenings with subtitles in English, and the third with Korean.

Please bring your family and friends to enjoy these must-see Japanese movies.



500 yen / 1 screening


The Japan Foundation Kyoto Office, Osaka International House Foundation

Screening schedule
January 15, 2010 18:30-
“Tasogare Seibei”(The Twilight Samurai) Subtitles in English
(Director: Yoji Yamada/2002/129min.)

(Story)Seibei Iguchi is a lowly ranked samurai who works as a bureaucrat during the final years of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Unlike samurais of higher ranks, Seibei lives a very poor life but he manages to get by with the support of his family. However, when Seibei loses his wife to an illness, this places a great burden on him to work harder and to take care of two his young daughters and senile mother. Seibei’s colleagues start calling him “Tasogare Seibei”(Twilight Seibei) because he immediately attends to his family during the evenings instead of socializing with his samurai superiors and colleagues. Seibei is later reunited with his old childhood friend, but this supposedly happy reunion brings about many challenges that would alter Seibei’s life into a new degree of difficulty. This historic period film displays the everyday struggles of low class samurais through Seibei and it relates to the hardships that are still present in Japanese society.
“Tasogare Seibei(Twilight Samurai)” received many domestic awards for “Best Movie”, “Best Director”, “Best Actor”, “Best Actress” and “Best New Actor”. It also received a 2003 Oscars nomination for “Best Foreign Language Film”.

February 12, 2010 18:30-
“Tokyo Sonata” Subtitles in English
(Director:Kiyoshi Kurosawa/2008/119min.)
“Tokyo Sonata”

(c)2008 Fortissimo Films

(Story)Ryuhei Sasaki is a manager who works devotedly for a health equipment manufacturer. One day he is suddenly fired from his job because his superiors are in search of more qualified workers. This leaves Ryuhei in difficult position, where he decides to conceal the truth of being fired from his family. When having no luck in finding another job, the pressure begins to pile up on Ryuhei, leading to more tension at home with his wife Megumi, and their two sons. An expected incident will rush Ryuhei, Megumi and their sons to the limit to see if they can remain as a normal family.
Through this family drama, Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa conveys that anyone’s life can be unpredictable and full of challenges, but there is always hope for bright future. “Tokyo Sonata” received the 2008 Grand jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

March 19, 2010 18:30-
“Nippon no kuroi natsu” (Darkness in the Light) Subtitles in Korean
(Director: Kei Kumai/2000/119min.)

* The visual quality of some these movies may be poor in certain scenes, so please take this into consideration before attending.




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