Film screening of "Billiken" with English subtites(Feb 18(Fri) Osaka) Kyoto Office

“Kikujiro”(Director: Takeshi Kitano/ 1999/ 121min)

The Japan Foundation Kyoto Office hosts a film screening with English subtitles at the International House, Osaka(i-House)

Venue: International House, Osaka(i-House) - MET Hall(2F)
Admission: 500yen / 1 screening

The Japan Foundation Kyoto Office
Osaka International House Foundation

Inquiries: Osaka International House Foundation
Tel 06-6773-8989 Fax 06-6773-8421
Tickets are available at the i-house’s Information Center(1F)
Friday, February 18, 2011 6:30 p.m.~
"Billiken"(Director: Junji Sakamoto/ 1996/ 100min)
(Cast) Tetta Sugimoto, Tomoko Yamaguchi, Ryutaro Gan

“Kikujiro”(Director: Takeshi Kitano/ 1999/ 121min)

Osaka's Shin-Sekai area is chosen to promote the city's 2008 bid for the Summer Olympics. In hope of having the Olympics to possibly take place, the bidding members propose to demolish the "Tsutenkaku Tower" which is an important landmark of Shin-sekai. The president of Tsutenkaku Tower's tourism totally opposes the bid for the Olympics. To gain support against the bid, the president tries to actively attract citizens to check out the Tsutenkaku's "Billiken" statue which brings good luck and success. Will the Billiken's power of luck be enough to save the Tsutenkaku Tower from being taken down?

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