Film screening of "Megane" with English subtites(Mar 18(Fri) Osaka) Kyoto Office

“Kikujiro”(Director: Takeshi Kitano/ 1999/ 121min)
© めがね商会 PHOTO 高橋ヨーコ

The Japan Foundation Kyoto Office hosts a film screening with English subtitles at the International House, Osaka(i-House)

Venue: International House, Osaka(i-House) - MET Hall(2F)
Admission: 500yen / 1 screening

The Japan Foundation Kyoto Office
Osaka International House Foundation

Inquiries: Osaka International House Foundation
Tel 06-6773-8989 Fax 06-6773-8421 E-mail
Tickets are available at the i-house’s Information Center(1F)
Friday, March 18, 2011 6:30 p.m.~
"Megane"(Director: Naoko Ogigami/ 2007/ 106min)
(Cast) Satomi Kobayashi, Mikako Ichikawa, Ryo Kase

“Kikujiro”(Director: Takeshi Kitano/ 1999/ 121min)
© めがね商会 PHOTO 高橋ヨーコ

One spring day in a small beachside town, a woman named Taeko arrives. Looking for a place to spend the night, Taeko finds the “Hamada” Inn, where she is greeted the owner Yuuji and a mysterious customer named Sakura. Taeko later meets Haruna who often hangs out at the Hanada Inn and Yomogi who calls Taeko “teacher”. Taeko and the others are first not aware that they are all wearing glasses and strangely they share a connection closer than one might expect.

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