An Evening of Noh and Kyogen 2011

The Japan Foundation Kyoto Office will organize “An Evening of Noh and Kyogen” to provide foreigners such as students and researchers from around the world with an opportunity to experience Japanese traditional culture.

Date Monday, 31 October, 2011 from 6:30 p.m. (Doors will open at 6:00 p.m.)
Venue Kongo Nohgakudo Access
ichijo, karasuma, kamigyo-ku, Kyoto Tel:075-441-7222
Programme A Kyogen play, KAMABARA(>Unsuccessful Suicide with a Sickle)
Featuring: SHIGEYAMA Sengoro
A Noh play, YUKI (Snow)
Featuring: KONGO Hisanori

Programme Synopsis

Kyogen: KAMABARA (Unsuccessful Suicide with a Sickle)

Stage photograph of Kamabara

Taro and his Wife are in the heat of a most noisy quarrel. The Arbiter appears and tries to settle the fight.
In the Okura script, the Arbiter talks Taro into going to work as his Wife asked him to. Taro agrees and starts off to work. On the way, he decides to commit suicide with his sickle because he is afraid that if his Wife gets angry again, she will murder him. He tries various suicide methods as in the Izumi script, but finally decides it is best to go to work and make up with his Wife that evening.
 Just as he starts off to work, his Wife rushes on. She has heard he is trying to commit suicide, and has come to apologize and beg him to change his mind. He sees her coming, and pretends that he is determined to go through with the suicide. ………

<From A GUIDE TO KYOGEN  by Don Kenny, Hinoki Shoten, 1968>

Noh: YUKI (Snow)


Stage photograph of Yuki

A priest on his way to the Tenno-ji temple is sheltering from a sudden snowstorm when a young woman appears. He learns that she is the spirit of snow and, after asking him to read a sutra for her, she dances and then fades from sight amid the swirling flakes.
(Translation by Renondeau)

<From A GUIDE TO NŌ 5th ed. by P. G. Oniel, Hinoki Shoten,1954>



SHIGEYAMA Sengoro XIII-Okura School Kyogen actor-

Born in 1945. Eldest son of Shigeyama Sensaku IV (Living National Treasure and member of Japan Art Academy) of the Okura school of Kyogen. Sengoro studied under his grandfather Sensaku III and father Sensaku IV. He made his stage debut as a shite actor in 1949 in the play “Iroha.”
Sengoro XIII performed overseas for the first time in 1973 in Europe, followed by a number of tours in Europe and the United States. He organized the Hanagata Kyogen Kai association of young Kyogen actors in 1976. He is recipient of the Kyoto Municipal New Artist Award (1986), the Kyoto Prefectural Culture Award’s Distinguished Service Prize (2004), and the National Arts Festival Grand Prize (2008). He is a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Properties (collective recognition).
In 1990 he was sent by the Japan Foundation to perform in a series of programs in Southeast Asia. In 1994 he succeeded to the name Shigeyama Sengoro.

KONGO Hisanori

KONGO Hisanori -Kongo School Noh actor-

Twenty-sixth head of the Kongo school of Noh. Born in 1951 the eldest son of Kongo Iwao, 25th head of the Kongo school. He made his stage debut in “Shojo” at the age of five. He is a graduate of Doshisha University, Faculty of Literature.
Kongo Hisanori is recipient of the Kyoto Municipal New Artist Award (1984) and the Kyoto Prefectural Culture Award’s New Artist Prize (1986) and Distinguished Service Prize (2005). In 1991 he was designated a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Properties (collective recognition). In 1998 he succeeded as 26th head of the Kongo school.
The major plays he has performedinclude “Dojoji,”“Ataka,”“Tokusa,”“Sotoba Komachi,” and “Higaki.” He has also toured overseas a number of times, as head of a troupe performing in North America, Canada, Spain, and elsewhere.
He is managing director of the Nihon Nogaku-kai, honorary chairman of the Kongokai, president of the Kongo Nogakudo Foundation, and part-time instructor at the Kyoto City University of Arts.


Kyoto Prefecture,Kyoto City, Kyoto City Tourist Association,
The Kyoto Shimbun Co., Ltd.

Admission Fees

( All seats are Unreserved ) : ¥3,500 ( ¥2,000 for students )
A Party reduction(more than twenty)→ 10%off

Tickets will be
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