Design Contest for Students to Create the “40th Anniversary Logo Mark for the Japan Foundation”


The Japan Foundation will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2012 as an organization dedicated to promoting international cultural exchange.

As a celebration of this milestone, and with an eye to further developing its worldwide cultural initiatives, the Japan Foundation is soliciting designs for a logo commemorating its anniversary. We are calling on the up-and-coming generation of students to use their youthful creativity to create logo designs that befit the 40th anniversary theme.

The logo mark chosen will be featured in events sponsored or cosponsored by the Japan Foundation to mark its anniversary as well as in our publications, on our website, and in other publicity materials.

We encourage you to apply to the contest and look forward to your creative designs.


【Application Process】

Ⅰ. Logo design submission

A. Design theme:

40th anniversary logo mark for the Japan Foundation

B. Design requirements

1. Text: Include the text "Japan Foundation's 40th anniversary" or the text "Japan foundation" and "40th anniversary"

2. Software: Use Adobe Illustrator (version 8.0 or higher)

3. Saved file: Save as Adobe Illustrator (Version CS3 or lower) [*File name must in one-byte characters and it must be saved as an "ai" or an "eps" file

4. Color: Use process color (CMYK) for the design [*The base color should be white; fluorescent colors or special colors (including gold and silver) are not allowed

5. Size: No larger than A4 size

6. Font: Outline the text used in the design


C. Other requirements

1. It is not permissible to create a design that includes some already existing JIF, JPEG, TIFF file or any other form of already existing image data

2. Applicants must submit original designs and are personally responsible for resolving any copyright-related issues; the use of a widely recognized character or other design element, or submission of a design that bears a strong resemblance to such existing creations, may infringe copyright laws; any logo submission that runs this risk of copyright infringement will be excluded from the competition

3. Logo designs submitted will not be returned to the applicants

4. Copyrights to the winning designs belong to the Japan Foundation.


Ⅱ. Eligibility requirements


Students (either individuals or groups) currently enrolled in a university, technical school, or high school in Japan or overseas. (There are no restrictions on age or nationality.)


Professionals are not eligible to participate


Ⅲ. Number of applications

There are no limitations on the number of applications that can be submitted


Ⅳ. Prizes

A. The competition jury will award the following prizes

1. Grand Prize (1 prize awarded)

2. Merit Prize (5 prizes awarded)


Grand Prize includes a ¥50,000 honorarium (or a bookstore gift certificate of that value if the winner a high school student)


Ⅴ. Submission process

A. For applicants living in Japan

1. One entry sheet

2. Design samples: A4 size page for each design (3 pages in total)

3. Data: One CDR with an Adobe Illustrator file and a PDF file

4. Send the above materials by postal mail to the following address:
Japan Foundation
Office for Project Development and Corporate Partnership
(Japan Foundation 40th Anniversary Logo Mark competition)
4-4-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004

B. For applicants living outside Japan

1. One entry sheet (PDF file)

2. PDF file of design samples (competition winners will also be asked to submit an Adobe Illustrator file of the design).

3. Send above materials by email to:


Ⅵ. Application period

Feb. 6 to Feb. 29, 2012(submitted applications must arrive at the Japan Foundation by Feb. 29)


Ⅶ. Notification and announcement of 2012 competition results

A. Applicants will be informed in or around April of the competition results

B. Results will also be announced at the same time on the Japan Foundation website


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