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Books (approx. 37,000 volumes)

- Chiefly on Japan in foreign languages in the fields of the social sciences, the humanities, and the arts
* Particularly strong on publications on Japan issued before 1945.
- Research papers on cultural exchange
- Pubulication of the Japan Foundation


Crêpe-Paper Books

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Special Collection
- Crêpe-Paper Books
Crêpe-paper books are made of Japanese paper with a finely-wrinkled surface like crêpe, and produced mainly in the Meiji through early Showa periods. With pictures in sophisticated colors by artists of those days, these crêpe-paper books featuring Japanese culture were preferred by foreigners and many were shipped overseas as souvenirs. The Library maintains over 100 items of this special books.

CrÍpe-Paper Books List (PDF/92KB)


Periodicals (approx. 400 titles)

Electronic Journals (22 titles)
- Electronic journals can be accessed within the Library terminals.

Newspapers (8 titles)

Audio / Visual Materials
- Events conducted by the Foundation
- Items introducing Japan
- List of Audio / Visual Materials

Microfilms/Microfiches(approx. 1,700 titles)
- Doctoral dissertations on Japan (issued in North America)

Clippings of JF-related articles
- Contains newspaper/journal articles relating to the Foundation and international cultural exchange. A database for searching items is available in the Library.

Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai (KBS) Archives
Library holds documents and works of Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai, founded in 1934



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