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The Library provides access to the following databases.
Please ask the Library staff in using these databases.

  • Japan KnowledgeExternal link
    Provides full articles from the “Encyclopedia of Japan” and other basic encyclopedias and dictionaries.
    Also contains the full texts of “Toyo Bunko”
  • Bibliography of Asian Studies OnlineExternal link
    Contains more than 500,000 records on all subjects pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia published worldwide from 1971 to the present. Western-language monographs, articles, and book chapeters can be searched for.
  • CiNii (Citation Information)External link
    Enables to search academic journals and research bulletins in Japan, and grants access to the full texts of papers.

The following items are also available on the Internet:

* Databases on newspaper articles and persons are searched by the Library staff.

  • Electronic JournalsExternal link
    20 titles of English jounals can be accessed online within the Library.
    *For access from the outside, only the title list is available.

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