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■■ Call for Application: The Japan Foundation Prizes for Global Citizenship 2017  ■■

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"We started serving 'Hiyashi Chuka.'"
Every year when the weather gets warmer, we see this notice on the wall of Chinese restaurants. Hiyashi Chuka is a Japanese dish that often translated as "cold ramen."
This dish is originated in a restaurant in Sendai in the 1930s. At that time, restaurants did not normally have air conditioning, and people were not keen on eating hot dishes during summer.
Then, the owner of that restaurant in Sendai developed cold ramen - rinsing cooked ramen noodles with cold water, topped with a strip of cucumber, ham, and omelet, red pickled ginger, and pouring soy sauce-based sauce over the noodle - assuming customers would eat cold dishes.
Hiyashi Chuka is one of popular summer dishes in Japan. We eat it at a restaurant as well as cook at home. You might not have come across this dish because Chinese restaurants in your country do not serve it. In this case, you can cook one yourself as there are quite a lot of recipes in English available online. Why don't you try cooking it on a hot day?

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◇Call for Application: The Japan Foundation Prizes for Global Citizenship 2017
We are calling for applications and nominations for the Japan Foundation Prizes for Global Citizenship 2017.
The application Deadline is July 31, 2017.

For more details:

The Visual Documentary Project accepts documentary submissions from Asian filmmakers and, through film screenings, introduces them to a wider audience in Japan. The theme for this year is "Urban Life in Southeast Asia."
The deadline is September 1, 2017.

For more details:

◇SUNSHOWER: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now Exhibition
This exhibition, the largest-ever in scale, seeks to explore the many practices of contemporary art in Southeast Asia since 1980s from nine different perspectives.
Dates: July 5 - October 23, 2017
Venues: The National Art Center, Tokyo; Mori Art Museum

For more details:

◇Noh Charity Performance: Prayers from Kyoto for Reconstruction of Japan's Disaster-affected Regions
The Japan Foundation Kyoto Office is co-organizing a Noh charity performance at ROHM Theatre Kyoto in support of reconstruction of Japan's disaster-affected areas.
Date: August 24, 2017
Venue: ROHM Theatre Kyoto South Hall

For more details:

◇Condition Report: Mode of Liaisons
The Japan Foundation Asia Center presents a collaborative art project by curators from Japan and Southeast Asian countries.
Dates: Until July 2, 2017
Venue: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre 

For more details:

◇Worth Sharing - A Selection of Japanese Books Recommended for Translation Vol.5 Japan's tomorrow
The final issue of "Worth Sharing" is now available online.

For more details:
Related article:

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▼△▼△The Japan Foundation Traveling Exhibition▼△▼△  

The Japan Foundation offers various traveling exhibition programs conducted overseas.

◇Manga Hokusai Manga: Approaching the Master's Compendium from the Perspective of Contemporary Comics
Manila (Philippines)
Until July 28, 2017

◇Japanese Design Today 100 <renewal version>
Bishkek (Kyrgyz)
June 30 - July 23, 2017

◇Struggling Cities: from Japanese Urban Projects in the 1960s
Daegu (South Korea)
July 7 - August 28, 2017

◇Winter Garden: The Exploration of the Micropop Imagination in Contemporary Japanese Art
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia)
Until July 4, 2017

◇The Spirit of Budo: The History of Japan's Martial Arts
Cali (Colombia)
June 30 - August 15, 2017

◇Gazing at the Contemporary World: Japanese Photography from the 1970s to the Present
Naestved (Denmark)
July 1 - August 13, 2017

◇Handcrafted Form: Traditions and Techniques
Nuku'alofa (Tonga)
July 20 - August 10, 2017

◇The Dolls of Japan: Shapes of Prayer, Embodiments of Love
Penang (Malaysia)
July 12 - August 28, 2017
Dublin (Ireland)
July 12 - August 9, 2017

◇Beautiful Handicrafts of Tohoku, Japan
Sofia (Bulgaria)
Until July 7, 2017

◇TOHOKU-Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers
Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Until July 12, 2017



◇The Visitors to the Japan Foundation (up to May 12, 2017)

◇"Nihongo Kyoiku Tsushin" was updated

◇Performing Arts Network Japan
Artist Interview: Yutaka Kuramochi
Artist Interview: Motoi Miura
Artist Interview: Kukangendai
Artist Interview: Akira Takayama
Play of the Month: PORTAL
Play of the Month: This New World that Had to Come
Play of the Month: Fureta-dake
Presenter Interview: Age-Friendly Manchester
Presenter Interview: Theatre de Gennevilliers
Presenter Interview: Temps d'Image Cluj
Presenter Interview: Yamamoto Noh Theatre
Arts Organization of the Month: Sidney Myer Fund and The Myer Foundation
Arts Organization of the Month: The Baring Foundation
Arts Organization of the Month: EGEAC (Empresa de Gestao de Equipamentos e Animacao Cultural de Lisboa)

◇The award recipients of the 58th International Speech Contest in Japanese announced


◇JF E-mail Magazine would like to hear your comments and suggestions.

Vol.305  6/27/2017

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