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■■ Why I Study Japanese -Kevin Reynolds- ■■

Dear readers,
This year's rainy season ended around July 19, according to the official announcement made by Japan Meteorological Agency. However, the weather has been like the rainy season after the announcement. When we click a weather app on our smartphone, cloud and rain marks occupy the screen for the next five days.
There was a typhoon hit Japan last week. It was called "Noru" and was the third longest lasting one.
Generally speaking, summers in Tokyo is not pleasant because of high temperature and humidity. But the typhoon seems to have left the extra heat, and this gloomy weather is giving us more humidity.
This summer can be very tough. Drink a lot of water and stay cool.

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▼△▼△Wochi Kochi Magazine▼△▼△

◇Why I Study Japanese -Kevin Reynolds-
Canadian figure skater Kevin Reynolds talked about how he encountered Japan and how he started studying its language.

◇Yasuhiro Suzuki Connects the Neighborhood with the Globe
Artist Yasuhiro Suzuki, who was chosen to represent Japan at the London Design Biennale 2016, looks back on the exhibition, together with Noriko Kawakami, who served as the curatorial advisor for Japan's participation.

【CGP/Abe Fellowship Program 25th Anniversary】
The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership marked its 25th anniversary in 2016. Wochi Kochi Magazine features its commemorating events.

◇CGP/Abe Fellowship Program 25th Anniversary Symposium: Emerging Futures in a Changing World
An excerpt from the special symposium.

◇The 25th Anniversary of the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership/the Abe Fellowship Program
A contributed article written by Makoto Iokibe (President, Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute).

◇Serving as a Bridge between People in Japan and the United States through Grass-Roots Exchange
A summary of the symposium held to commemorate the 15th year of the JOI (Japan Outreach Initiative) program.

◇Creation, Care, and Appreciation are the Three Joys of Bonsai (Wabi-Sabi Bonsai World 3)
Bonsai artist Takahiro Mori talks about the three great joys of bonsai.


▼△▼△Library Information ▼△▼△

◇List of new books

-The Japan Foundation Library
-The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa
-The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

◇Small Exhibition "From Our Rare Book Collection"
Dates: August 21 - 25, 2017
Venue: The Japan Foundation Library

For more details:


▼△▼△ Worth Sharing ▼△▼△
Worth Sharing―A Selection of Japanese Books Recommended for Translation is the list of recommendable good books for translation that we compiled annually.

◇Kokuhaku [Confession] Author: Ko Machida

The protagonist of the novel is a real figure from history, Kumataro, a notorious killer who carried out the "10 Kawachi murders" in 1893 in what is today part of Osaka Prefecture. The book traces his interior landscape and actions from his early years to the tragic conclusion of his life. It draws on historical fact to describe the time in which the story is set, but this is no ordinary work of historical fiction.
The entire novel is infused with the theme of the gaps between what people think and what they express in words. Kumataro is a deeply contemplative character, despite being born into the poverty of a farming household, and throughout his life he is tormented by the inability to find the words he needs to express the ideas in his mind.
The novelist makes talented use of Kawachi-accented Japanese as he depicts the words and psychology of the protagonist throughout this lengthy work. Machida makes use of unusual rhythms in his writing, which features a delicate balance between the Kawachi dialect and standard Japanese, dialogue that can be as amusing as a comedy sketch, and piercingly accurate observations of human beings. All these factors make his text one that keeps a firm grip on the reader's attention until the book's very end.

For more details:

About Worth Sharing


▼△▼△Japanese Film Screenings Overseas in August 2017▼△▼△

Japanese Film Days (Mongolia)
Japanese Film Festival (Canada)
Ciclo de Cine Japones 2017 (Paraguay)
CINE JAPONES 2017 (Bolivia)
Japan Film Festival in Novas Invasoes (Portugal)
Zimbabwe International Film Festival (Zimbabwe)


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