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■■ MeCA | Media Culture in Asia: A Transnational Platform ■■

Dear readers,

The cold weather has been continuing since last week almost all over Japan.
We hope you are doing well.

February 3 is called “setsubun-no-hi,” the day before the beginning of spring in Japan.
On this day, “mamemaki,” a ritual of scattering beans, is enjoyed at home. It is a special time to cleanse away all the bad things of the former year and drive away disease-bringing evil spirits for the year to come. “Demons out, Good luck in,” we chant this phrase while scattering beans.
After scattering the beans, we eat the same number of roasted soybeans as our age to bring us good luck.
Spring is just around the corner!

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◇MeCA | Media Culture in Asia: A Transnational Platform
MeCA | Media Culture in Asia: A Transnational Platform, Japan's first platform-style international event on new media and digital culture, begins from Feb. 9, 2018. Come to the exhibition, music and education programs, and more to learn about the latest on media culture!

For more details:

◇Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2018 (TPAM 2018)
TPAM 2018 will finally start from Feb. 10, 2018 at several venues in Yokohama. Don't miss the chance to see one of the most influential performing arts platforms in Asia!

For more details:

◇Asia Students Package Design Competition (ASPaC) 2017 <Award winners>
The Japan Foundation introduces the prominent award winners announced on December 4, 2017.

ASPaC is a project that strengthens global interactions among talented students and helps build robust relationships with governmental agencies, educational institutions, companies, and professional designers in Asia for a greater future. Many of the Award-winning students become professional packaging designer after this competition and international exchange experience.

For more details:

◇What's Next from Southeast Asia: Old Masters, Masters, and the Young Blood (TIFF×CROSSCUT ASIA tie-up event)
Here is another film screening from the Asia Center and Athenee Francais Cultural Center! This year we bring to you a lineup of films from the old masters to rising filmmakers from all over Southeast Asia!

For mroe details:


▼△▼△The Japan Foundation Traveling Exhibition▼△▼△  
The Japan Foundation offers various traveling exhibition programs conducted overseas.

◇The Superlative Artistry of Japan (Germany)
Until March 10

◇Contemporary Wood-Carved Netsuke (Vietnam)
Until March 15

◇Variation and Autonomy: The Prints of Contemporary Japanese Painters (Canada)
Until March 29

◇Manga Hokusai Manga: Approaching the Master's Compendium from the Perspective of Contemporary Comics
- Casula (Australia)
  Until February 4

- Townsville (Australia)
  February 13 - March 11

◇Japanese Design Today 100 <renewal version>
- Salamanca (Spain)
  Until February 7

- Alicante (Spain)
  February 16 - March 25

◇Struggling Cities: from Japanese Urban Projects in the 1960s (Taiwan)
February 10 - March 11

◇The Spirit of Budo: The History of Japan's Martial Arts (Bolivia)
February 2 - March 5

◇Gazing at the Contemporary World: Japanese Photography from the 1970s to the Present (Italy)
Until February 18

◇Handcrafted Form: Traditions and Techniques (New Zealand)
February 1 - 25

◇Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan (Mexico)
February 8 - March 18

◇The Dolls of Japan: Shapes of Prayer, Embodiments of Love (Russia)
Until February 20

◇Beautiful Handicrafts of Tohoku, Japan (Egypt)
Until February 22

◇TOHOKU-Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers (Indonesia)
Until January 31



◇The Japan Foundation Awards 2018 Call for Nominations
The awards are presented to individuals or organizations that have significantly contributed to the promotion of international mutual understanding and friendship through their academic, artistic, or cultural activities and are expected to continue to do so. We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Deadline: All nominations must be received by Friday, March 2, 2018.

For more details:

◇"Nihongo Kyoiku Tsushin" is updated


◇JF E-mail Magazine would like to hear your comments and suggestions.

Vol.319  1/30/2018

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