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■■ Japanese American Leadership Symposium ■■

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Japanese plum blossoms are in full bloom in the Kanto region. It's the true sign of spring.
"Hinamatsuri" (Japan's Doll Festival) also is a sign of spring. We celebrate girls and pray for their health and happiness on March 3. According to tradition, families display a pair of dolls called "dairi-hina", in addition to attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress from Heian Period (794-1185) on a red-carpeted, stepped platform.
Traditional dishes served on this day include "chirashi-zushi" (scattered sushi) and a clear clam soup. Not many families these days celebrate in this way, unfortunately. Still, you can view the practice at various museums in Japan around this time of year.

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◇Japanese American Leadership Symposium
"The Japanese American Experience: Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the first emigration from Japan to Hawaii"

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration and the arrival of the first organized group of Japanese immigrants (Gannenmono) to Hawaii.
At this symposium, we will reflect upon the journey of Japanese Americans by welcoming three panelists whose ancestors are from Hawaii or Yamaguchi. They will share their family history, including how their families overcame obstacles in adjusting to life in America.

For more details:

◇The 59th International Speech Contest in Japanese
The Japan Foundation hosts the 59th International Speech Contest in Japanese in cooperation with International Education Center and Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture. We look forward to your active participation in the contest.

For more details:

ASIA HUNDREDS is a series of interviews and conference presentations by professionals whom the Japan Foundation Asia Center works with through its many cultural projects. By sharing the words of key figures in the arts and cultures in both English and Japanese and archiving the "present" moments of Asia, we hope to further generate cultural exchange within and among the regions.

EDDIE CAHYONO-From Yogyakarta to the World: Independent Filmmaking born from the Local Community of Film

ARCO RENZ-Dance Creation: The Body, Time, Space, Negotiation, and Collaboration

PANG KHEE TEIK-Arts & LGBT Activism in Malaysia


▼△▼△The Japan Foundation Traveling Exhibition▼△▼△  
The Japan Foundation offers various traveling exhibition programs conducted overseas.

◇The Superlative Artistry of Japan (Germany)
Until March 10

◇Contemporary Wood-Carved Netsuke (Vietnam)
Until March 15

◇Variation and Autonomy: The Prints of Contemporary Japanese Painters (Canada)
Until March 29

◇YAKISHIME - Earth Metamorphosis (Costa Rica)
March 1 - 18

◇Manga Hokusai Manga: Approaching the Master's Compendium from the Perspective of Contemporary Comics (Australia)
Until March 11

◇Japanese Design Today 100 <renewal version> (Spain)
Until March 25

◇Struggling Cities: from Japanese Urban Projects in the 1960s (Taiwan)
Until March 11

◇The Spirit of Budo: The History of Japan's Martial Arts (Bolivia)
Until March 5

◇Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan (Mexico)
Until March 18

◇The Dolls of Japan: Shapes of Prayer, Embodiments of Love (Russia)
March 2 - 25



◇"Nihongo Kyoiku Tsushin" is updated

◇Japanese TV Broadcasting Abroad


◇JF E-mail Magazine would like to hear your comments and suggestions.

Vol.321  2/27/2018
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