The Japan Foundation's Overseas Offices

In addition to its Tokyo headquarters, the Japan Foundation has 24 offices in 23 countries (including two Asia Center liaison offices), as well as the Kyoto Office and two Japanese-language institutes in Japan. Using these offices and organizations as footholds, the Foundation is active in all regions of the world. The Japan Foundation also works closely with Japanese embassies and consulates, Japanese language institutions, and cultural exchange organizations abroad to expand its activities on a global scale.

  1. 1.Overview of the Japan Foundation
  2. 2.What We Do to Engage with People Throughout the World
  3. 3. How We Support People in Cultural Exchange
  4. 4.The Japan Foundation's Overseas Offices
  5. 5.What We Have Done / Looking Back on the Achievements of the Last Forty Years
  6. 6.How We Keep Step with You

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